French mayor faces €1,800 fine after bringing up ‘problem’ of Muslim schoolchildren

French mayor faces €1,800 fine after bringing up ‘problem’ of Muslim schoolchildren

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The justice system is bought and filled with Masonic puppets, much like everything else. Time for a new revolution, and this time not lead by Jacobin Masons.

I can tell you from first hand experience that in France, there is a clear division in society between the ethnic French that 'tolerate' Muslims and those that want them removed totally, by any means. The latter grow in numbers daily.

I certainly hope they wake up quickly and kick the terrorists out. France is such a wonderful country. If only Marine Le Pen won the presidential election.

Why Marine Le Pen is The Only Way to Save Europe

i was in france new years eve 2001 and gasping for a smoke so i wnt down to Pigalle to see what i could rustle up, a guy ill call dreadlocks took me to Hoche and we ended up in an old tunnel of some description that had tiles on all the walls that looked like an abandoned metro station, they hastled me about why all my clothes weren't Australian made, all their clothes were French etc, incidentally they were all black born French, gotta respect that i suppose, i got my smoke after some amount of convincing, they ripped me off but what do ya expect lol, that same guy dreadlocks was smoking crack on the train station shoulder to shoulder (the trains were free that night) a woman on a train gave him a filthy look and he quick as lightening blew her a kiss, it was one of the funniest things i ever saw and i don't even smoke crack lol, i'd never even seena pipe before, he wanted me to ash my cigarette in it, weird world eh, live and let live i reckon, if yu can't get with that fucking kill the cunt

It's good to have some direct personal experience of other lands and people. That's something no media can distort.



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