French police arrest 10 suspected extremists, plotting attack on mosques, politicians – reports

French police arrest 10 suspected extremists, plotting attack on mosques, politicians – reports

Published time: 18 Oct, 2017 06:31
Edited time: 18 Oct, 2017 08:18

Ten people said to have far-right links were detained in a series of raids conducted by French anti-terrorist police in the Paris and Marseille areas on Tuesday. Their intended targets were reportedly mosques, migrants and a former presidential candidate.

The arrests were made in Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, and in the city of Marseille in southern France on Tuesday morning and afternoon, French TV station M6 reported. The suspects, including two minors, are nine young men and one woman, aged from 17 to 25 years.

It is not clear if the suspects had elaborated plans for an imminent attack on either a person or a religious institution, with Reuters citing a court official as saying that they had a “vague” draft that would involve mounting an attack on a place of worship, a politician or migrants.

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The police seems to be selectively effective in foiling terrorism. "Right wing" attacks are intercepted even before they have plans done whereas the culturally enriching Islamists can do their stuff without interruption. What's wrong with the police, with the system that cannot protect the population? This is Macronized France, a cuck nation.

Exactly...that's because its fear mongering BS - just like the 'nazis in the Bundeswehr' BS in Germany -

All designed to get the braindead native population to self-police themselves for any and all dissent that would upset the agenda - while the the cultural enrichers have free reign to rape and kill in any fashion they see fit.

But it's ok for Macaroon to lay out his plan for the islamization of France ((Ré)organisation de l’islam de France) -

Key word 'suspected' - that means they haven't done anything, unlike the cultural enrichers who have and continue to visibly attack people across France - which most of the population seem to deliberately and willingly ignore.

Try and point his out to the (majority of ) French (or pretty much any European) in person and be prepared to be met with outrage or deathly silence, and an immediate change in conversation..

I had to leave a room recently, when a French woman proceeded to tell me how great 'halal' meat was - to prevent meltdown.

I've come to conclusion that resistance in France will be minimal and in rural areas.

They also don't seem to realize that no-one will be coming to their aid for a third time.

It is unbelievable how efficient the mind control is. People are in total denial of the surrounding reality, obvious crimes against them and are willing to sacrifice themselves on the altar of political correctness. Where has the self-preservation instinct gone?

LP, I don't know, but it terrifies me and I find it hard to be around most people these days, unless they are like minded.

For some reason, I think about this film clip a lot these days, given the situation we find ourselves in - just as for Sarah Connor, the dark future we face, seems inevitable.

Its made all the more terrifying when you consider that in our world the evidence is in your face 24/7, yet the public willingly chooses ignorance.



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