HAM Radio, Before the Internet and Now

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By JG Vibes
February 21, 2013

Tonight on the Bob Tuskin Radio Show we will be covering some of the days top headlines from around the world.

Also be sure to catch tonight’s guest, David (W5MZ).

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In the following article David talks about his experience with Ham radio:

“Before there was the Internet there was amateur radio. After the Internet there will be amateur radio.

We live in a time where the powers that shouldn’t be are trying to control the flow of information.

Anyone that has been around long enough and paying attention has noticed how the official media sources spin everything to fit agendas that are contrary to the best interest of the public.

When there is anything going on that is damaging to their agenda it is glossed over or not reported at all.

The alternative media has stepped up to try to fill that gap. The small outfits that don’t have the big money funding cannot afford to have paid correspondents in every corner of the world to watch over things.

As good of job as they do with the limited resources they have, the job is not complete.

Many of the alternative media shows depend on the Internet to disseminate their information. Even the ones that are fortunate enough to be able to go out on networks of physical radio broadcast stations still have single points of control that can be targeted and taken down.

The commercial broadcast stations themselves are required to have government override equipment that can take over the broadcasts on a whim.

The citizens using social media on the Internet to stay informed are a target of the Internet censors and the cutoff switch. In a disaster situation of any flavor these communication protocols cannot be counted on.

The news is not all bad however. There are means of communication available to the people that thrive in disaster situations and have no centralized point of control that can be attacked.

As far as we have come into this technological information age we mustn’t forget our roots.

Long before the Internet came along amateur radio operators were talking to each other and passing information. Radio waves don’t know borders.

On the HF bands amateur radio operators can talk all across the world. It has been a long standing tradition of amateur radio to step up and provide communications under very adverse situations. When all other forms of communication fail the communities come to the ham radio operators to fill the gap.

One such example that happens on a regular basis is the SkyWarn program where trained weather spotters in ham radio serve as the eyes and ears for the weather service in times of severe weather.

Ham radio offers a large pool of operators spread all over everywhere that on a moments notice can activate and greatly enhance the ability of the weather service to get live reports of what is actually happening on the ground.

It’s not just weather emergencies that this resource can be called upon. Any emergency or communications blackout will be quickly responded to.

The amateur radio operators practice for these very situations and often have redundant ways of running their stations without a functioning grid.

It’s not just voice communications that amateur radio operators use. There are many digital modes at the disposal. Before there was Internet available to the public amateur radio had packet networks that would span the world with email flowing wirelessly before anyone had even thought of wifi.

I have been on the air for a very long time communicating with more people in more areas than I can count.

I always take the opportunity to work pressing truths into conversation wherever I go. Whether it’s about the federal reserve or vaccine danger I feel compelled to share what I know.

What I have noticed is that when one voice boldly speaks the truth to the benefit of the recipients that it inspires other people to follow suit.

More and more the truth spreads from station to station. It’s refreshing to see how well informed the radio community is. We pay attention and share information regularly. It’s what we do.

There isn’t just one radio station to shut down to control the free flow of information across the community and the globe.

There are millions. There isn’t any way to block this flow without disrupting everything, including the communications the powers that shouldn’t be rely on. Because of the long track record of amateur radio serving the best interests of the communities when nobody else can, an attack to silence the radio operators will be met with great resistance by the communities as a whole.

If you haven’t considered amateur radio before I invite you to give it a serious look. This Thursday on the Bob Tuskin show we will discussing amateur radio and taking your calls.

This is a can’t miss show for anyone interested in staying informed. On the show we will show you how you can tap into that resource without spending a dime.

Check us out and have a look at a brand new website that is growing into quite a valuable information resource on related topics. http://w5mz.com Send us your questions and comments and we will do our best to give you good solid answers and information.”

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