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Oh hell ya, that's a double, face is too round, & suddenly lost 25lbs due to pneumonia????

But the smoking gun is that this disillusioned, paranoid, schizophrenic w/ a royalty complex is walking around ALONE???.....NEVER in a kazillion years would this creature EVER venture outside to mix & mingle w/ us common basket's of deplorables! w/out her precious entourage of  SS men, Yes-Yes men, MSM men...and lesbo gal-pal Humas

Demand Answers...Really?

What..... so we can get more lies?

I appreciate the info and concern, but we are living in an era of time in which technology has been and is being used to further the cause of pure evil...."Satan"s agenda is proliferating unobstructed and will continue to do so. Apparently, everybody has a price, though not everyone brings something to the table that they want so they are usually found dead.

There is exactly zero chance of reform here on earth because Satan's CEOs have plenty of money and then some...heck they even own all of the media.

Enough now!

The Body Double is the Oversized One that has been doing all the campaigning and finally just got worn out and fell into the arms of Handlers and then the Van. Too many Supersized soft drinks on the 'camp'-ing trail

Do you believe a millionaire (Perhaps) even a Billionaire with the 'C' Foundation funds, would bother running around the countryside to Gladhand the  'Regular Folks; of course not when the "BD" was A-Round. Folks, that's the job peril and no doubt well paid.

Take a close look at the Real Hill as she emerges from the daughters Surgery - read Apartment, doesn't that look more like a well cared for and pampered contender?

Let's get back to the real issue - would the BD Do the Time, as she told the FBI stories in place of H. Will she be charged for using a "Public Server". Well, how could a Public Servant use a Private Server??

Are you coming Awake yet. ID Twins used to do a crime and then the other one would confuse the police and prosecutor in court. Boy, are these people Lawyers for nothing!!

We are Legion!

The following link  is to the Hillary Cliinton look a like with the name Teresa Barnwell.



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