Idiots volunteer to play roles in F.B.I. scripted terror plot

The F.B.I. has hatched another hare-brained scheme to convince the
American public that the threat of terrorism comes in many forms.

This time, the F.B.I. and the media would have you believe that
some backwards white folks, and perhaps the Occupy Movement as a
whole, are potential terrorist plotters.


Over and over again, the F.B.I. writes the script, they cast idiots
to play the parts, and then bust their own terror plot with a big
show in the press. 

Even the New York Times can't remember any recent terror plot
'busts' that DIDN'T involve the F.B.I. actually having to provide
the entire scenario, including the fake bombs.

They do this to keep the American public convinced that if we
don't give up our rights, if we don't accept government
transgressions and tyranny, then we will all be at the mercy of

Exactly like the Mafia protection racket with a better publicist...

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The FBI is always doing this kind of shit...from Plotting terrorist attacks to the sell of drugs..not to mention putting provocateur agents inside crows of protesters to act as troublemakers and incite violence from the cops to the protesters...they been doing this crab for years Maria.

weren't the "defendants" drugs addicts and mental patients off there medication? ..  Lmao ...   hey FBI those poor saps will now get health care they desperately needed three squares, computer access and conjugal rights and a better life in a federal pen than they ever dreamed of..  maybe they can go to college and right books about how fuk'd up you guys are.. and oh yeah we have one more scam by you to point to ...  fools! we know what your doing and its almost time to pay the piper!  

Where are the advocates for the mentally ill when we finally need them? They ought to have the legal guardians ready to file suit against the FBI for abuse and exploitation of the mentally deficient.

Like any thoroughly defiled empire in humanity's history, the U.S. will use any and all means available to maintain it's perverted version of "order." Often times, stupid people help them accomplish their goal.


Only idiots would...

  Maybe the overuse of Brylcreem is the problem. I'm NEVER going to smear that stuff in my hair

interesting Maria, Evil and terrorism don't play favorites among Ethnics, a Aim of Satan's, to divide us all form one another and separate us form Christ. Its Ancient Esoteric scheme set down by Ancient Babylon. We will never learn, until Jesus Christ, our Lord and the King of Peace returns, then we will have peace! Once Christ puts a stop to all these World Eleets and there lies!! I guess the FBI like the CIA, are both puppets  of the Esoteric Illuminati and Golden Dawn and all Eleet Orders.

Blessings to you Maria,



"Destroying the New World Order"


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