In just a few short weeks, human-engineered meat, will make it’s way into the mouths of eager taste testers in a Soylent Green-like fashion.

Starting with a very particular cell extracted from dead cows necks at a local slaughterhouse, a select team of scientists are now close to serving up the world’s first human-engineered, cultured meat burger. That’s right. A whopping 5 ounce burger will be freshly made from lab grown bits of cultured meat and muscle tissue. The burger, the first of its kind, will be served to curious diner’s somewhere in London in the coming weeks.

The whole concept of the program takes us right into a science fiction nightmare made for TV, as billions of fetal cells are needed to make this burger. 

In fact, scientists now claim they have proven through studies that if the human population of earth consumes “cultured meat”, the world will then save a considerable amount of water and resources, essentially reducing environmental impact from humans. The study titled, Environmental Impacts of Cultured Meat Production, basically outlines how humans are bad, and that we will need to eat all synthetic meat soon as we have become an overpopulated species.

This will likely be one of the next major focus points for globalists such as the Bilderberger’s and others who seek to more easily manage the populace of indentured servants. 

However, yet even more amazing is the outstanding accuracy and portrayal of future events deriving from Hollywood as we now live in the middle of real-time predictive programming production. In fact, the 1973 film Soylent Green, directed by Richard Fleischer, starring Charlton Heston, takes place in 2022, as the timeline approaches in reality.

An excerpt from the Wikipedia page “Soylent Green” reads, “In 2022, with 40 million people in New York City alone, housing is dilapidated and overcrowded; homeless people fill the streets and food is scarce, and most of the population survives on rations produced by the Soylent Corporation, whose newest product is Soylent Green, a green wafer advertised to contain “high-energy plankton”, more nutritious and palatable than its predecessors “Red” and “Yellow”, but in short supply.

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lol, fast food here is probably already serving this garbage....The lies they've been caught on already says they're deviant corporate money whores w/ no regards to what they serve the public under the guise of "food"

This is exactly right Hollywood, we have been conditioned to eat things that our bodies are not supposed to accept. That is the reason people are fat and unhealthy. You know of course that in times past people avoided marrying into a family that had a history of cancer, things that were learned to preserve the human race are no longer practiced. It is not my will to sustain life forever but to live at my will off the land and not be vilified. The life I wish to live is without government interference: drugs, laws, taxes, obedience. I only want to scrape out my right from the ground. Live as I wish and not be trampled on!!!! I should not have to pay taxes on property that was bought 3 generations ago!!!!!!!  


Well said and you speak for me as well!

Guess it won't be labeled

How disgusting, I can't even contemplate eating that thing!

truly vile and disgusting - enough to make you want to throw up!

Behold the "Frankenburger" given to us by the Illuminati - those very same evil who intend to kill off 90% of the world's population of what they call "useless eaters".

I have long wondered how long it will take for them to accomplish their goal. I thought for a long time it would take a while longer than it seems its going to take.

Not enough people understand the strides they are making in taking away these rights. People are losing their right to feed their families without government interference. The people in control make us pay for a license to hurt in our own country, record what we take and control when and where we hunt!

Then they try and take away guns apparently we are not smart enough to use them properly, when they realize this may not be possible they make everyone go through a background check to eliminate as many as they can this way. Since that didn't dissuade people now they are limiting the amount of ammo and ammo supplies you are able to purchase and what kind of payment they will prohibit or block.

All the while storing away heritage seeds of every imaginable kind while feeding us the GMO seeds that are poison to our bodies. Causing malformations and stupidity to become the norm to a population of unsuspecting sheeple! How can this continue at the pace it is going? Now in Europe they have passed a law that you must register your seeds with the government!


Its on my page if that link is no good.

Their GMO seeds invade the natural seeds and kill the natural coping ability that through the centuries formed its own resistance and kill the creatures and disease that may cause it harm. Survival of the fittest is what keeps the gene pool solid. Intake of this frank-en food sends it through the food chain to the next generation causing malformations or inability to reproduce (sterilization). Read Rachel Caron's Silent Spring, she was so far ahead of her time.

Yeah, posted this same article the other day...soylent green got me.

Sry, Wolf I googled it and google said no results, I apologize. Did you post to a group or main page? Maybe if made to a group it did not show because of that.

This is way more important and dangerous than you can know.  Remember all the cattle mutilations  and remember all the stuff bout mad cow disease??   Mad cow Disease, we discovered, was a result of feeding cows their own kinds' flesh and that attacked the brain resulting in "Mad Cow Disease".  Is that what is going on here?  Feed us our own DNA and we go mad from it?  Or does it alter permanently our DNA and does away with humanity as we know it today?  What is the purpose of it beyond what they say?  I believe this is a lot more serious and sneaky than we can know unless we can get a whistle blower to tell us.  

You are so right Petunia, I am glad you brought that point up.

If anyone read the article closely they would have noticed the "Material" use was extracted from a DEAD cow at a local slaughter house. So this to me means they have brought dead cells back to life! OMG, does that mean those taste testers are about to eat a ZOMBIE BURGER?????

Not to mention the fact we really do not know what type of extraction was made from what kind of creature!! Was it healthy or sick was it a genetically modified or natural, did it have a disease and die or did it make it to human slaughter. Either way I do not find it attractive eating reanimated flesh.

This is why we raise our own food from our farm. Chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, goats, cows, and pigs!  

I will take my starved farmed raised animals over this SOYLENT GREEN BURGER any day!!!

Much love to the natural!!!!!


"Destroying the New World Order"


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