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In 2002, President George Bush defined the 'Axis-of-Evil' as Iraq, Iran, and North Korea (Syria is added later on)As Mid East countries opposed to Israeli expansion, it is not surprising that the Zionist dominated Bush administration (Libby, Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Frum, et al) have targeted Iran, Syria, & Iraq.
But why North Korea???


Bush shows his true allegiance.
How did far eastern North Korea get included in the Mid East "Axis of Evil"?


Did You Know.....

Israel and North Korea, despite being on opposite ends of the Asian continent, are bitter enemies?

North Korea does not recognize Israel, and has condemned its treatment of the displaced Palestinians?

[Note: This is not to glorify the North Korean regime but only to expose the sinister hand of Israel behind America's potential coming conflict with North Korea / China]

More importantly, North Korea sells its missile technology to Middle Eastern nations that are on Israel's 'Hit List'.


Iran's President rolls out the red carpet for North Korea's foreign minister.
North Korea helps Iran to develop its peaceful nuclear energy program.

Did You Know.....

The Israeli Air Force bombed a Syrian nuclear research facility in 2007, murdering 10 North Korean scientists who had been working there at the time?

(For Details, Click HERE and HERE)


Israel's bombing of Syria was an act of war against Syria & North Korea!
Before and After: Total destruction + 10 dead N. Korean scientists!


Did You Know....

Numerous publications in both Israel and the US have carried stories condemning North Korea for supplying Mid East 'Axis of Evil' countries with nuclear technology? The Zionists are very concerned!

Here's is just a sample of some very revealing headlines:


2006: HAARETZ (Israel)
Israel Demands World 'Respond Decisively' to North Korean Nuclear Test

[Source: Click Here]


2008: HAARETZ (Israel)

North Korea supplying Weapons to Six Mid East States

[Source: Click Here]

2010: THE DAILY STAR (Lebanon)
Israel: North Korea shipping WMD's to Syria

[Source: Click Here]

2012: Arutz Sheva (Israeli National News)
North Korea's Enemy: Israel

[Source: Click Here]

2013: Jewish Virtual Library
Potential Threats To Israel: North Korea

[Source: Click Here]

2013: Huffington Post
Israel Minister: Iran, Syria, & North Korea are New Axis of Evil

[Source: Click Here]

2013: Reuters News Service
Israel Urges Swift Response to North Korea Nuclear Test

[Source: Click Here]

2013: Wall Street Journal
Iran-North Korea Pact Draws Concern

[Source: Click Here]                             

ARUTZ SHEVA: "North Korea Is Israel's Enemy!"

HAARETZ: "World Must Respond To North Korea!"

Did You Know.......

The torpedo sinking of a South Korean ship (The Cheonan) in 2010 was a 'False Flag' operation that almost led to war between the two Koreas. North Korea strongly denied any involvement. So, who fired the torpedo?

Israel now has a fleet of German state-of-art submarines that can patrol the world's oceans and even launch nuclear weapons?

A South Korean investigation later discovered that the torpedo used to sink the Cheonan was German made. Germany does not sell arms to North Korea - but it does sell to Israel!


Israel's nuclear subs can sink any ship, or nuke any city on the planet!
Germany's Merkel: So guilt ridden over the "Holocaust' that she sold nuke subs to Israel dirt cheap!



Even Zionist controlled Hollywood is getting into 'War With North Korea' mode. Planned back in 2010, and released in 2012, the remake / retake of the 1980's classic 'Red Dawn' depicts a North Korean invasion of America!



MGM's Red Dawn is anti North Korean war propaganda!
North Korea invading America???!!! ROFLMAO!



Israel and its Zionist operatives are using their American puppet which in turn is using its South Korean puppet to pick a fight with North Korea! The North Korean leadthings, but he is NOT suicidal!

It's common sense, why would a tiny North Korea deliberately want a war with the mighty United States?

As was the case in Iraq and Libya, and as is now the case in Syria, and as will soon be the case with Iran and North Korea, these wars are for Globalist & Zionist interests....not America's!


North Korea's announcement Tuesday that it intends to restart facilities at its Yongbyon nuclear installation will enable North Korea to produce at least eight more nuclear weapons. However, it may come as a surprise that, until recently, North Korea had been willing to agree to steps that would have prevented the restart of the Yongbyon nuclear installation but, was ignored by the United States and South Korea.

The 5 MWe reactor was shut down once again by a U.S.-North Korea agreement in 2007, this time under the Bush administration. As a first step toward permanent disablement, Pyongyang invited international journalists and diplomats to witness the spectacular demolition of the reactor's cooling tower, needed to carry waste heat into the atmosphere. Fuel rods for the reactor, others that might have been retooled for its use, and still others that had already been irradiated were stored and periodically inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). After Pyongyang's 2009 long-range missile test, Barack Obama's administration secured new sanctions against North Korea through the UN, prompting the furious North Koreans to stop the inspections and produce additional plutonium. The reactor itself, however, remained dormant and thousands of fuel rods also remained unused.

For More, Read "The North Korea Deal That Wasn't" OR Click Here

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The Axis of evil has been upgraded as follows:


United States


Good Read: The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey.

The world will never be at peace until Zio-Israel is extinguished forever and only then will there be some sanity.



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