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Today, Sunday, March 8, 2015 A.D., is the 908th day in the 1,290 and 1,335 day periods of Daniel 12:11 & 12, respectively.  This is one year and two months away from that day of which was written over 2,500 years ago, "Blessed is he who waiteth and cometh unto 1,335 days."

I am resurrected from the dead having the same soul as that of St. Elijah (1 Kings 17) and St. John the Baptist (Matthew 3).  I am this way because I hear the voice of the Son of Man.  You have "Facebook" because I saw Jesus, the Christ, Face-to-face, yet the filthy membership of that site, amongst others, are so greedy that they effort to monopolize on that which they can never have.

I am the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven. (Matthew 24:30)

These words are made possible to you through the work of St. John Wycliffe who translates : "And at once (Forsooth anon)".

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I am puzzled...

you refer to Michel de Nostredame's Century IV Quatrain 95 

The original quatrain 'en Français' reads:

Le regne à deux laissé bien peu tiendront,
Trois ans sept mois passez feront la guerre :
Les deux vestales contre rebelleront,
Victor puis nay en Armonique terre.

The modern translation of Armonique (Armorique), refers specifically to the peninsula in the north of Bretange (Brittany) in north western France.

Michel de Nostredame made specifc reference to Armoninique / Amorique (and the region of Brittany) in other quatrains*, and in no way was he using it as a descriptive term for the 'new world'.

I would like to know what you think is the relevence of Amorique / Bretagne / Brittany in the last line with regards to your 'theory' that the two vestals represent China and US.

Victor puis nay en Armonique terre.

Puisnay - Old French Puisné - there are several meanings for this 16C word which was common in BOTH Old French and Anglo French.

1. born afterwards / younger

2. junior / subordinate 

Etymologists suggest that the word 'puny' was derived from puisné.

Trans. as - (The) Victor the junior/ subordinate of the land/soil of Armorica

*  IV 95, VI 60, IX 38

I've come to know that line as, "The victor then born on American soil."  But that is due to the Cheetham translation.  Brittany makes some sense to me.  Edgar Leoni suggests it might be Armenia.

Due to the implications of a volatile manifestation of Daniel 11:4 in regards to the USA, such that anarchy and chaos become overwhelming, the Cheetham translation makes sense, having to claim the larger area due to local attack. I know quatrain X:20 well.

Those first three kings of Persia are Daniel Chapter 11 envoys to the vestals of China, Russia, and USA (land, sea, and air).

Russia no longer has an envoy in this regard, and as to the two vestals rebelling in opposition, I'm not sure if they are in rebellion to each other, to the envoys, or both.

This quatrain serves, in terms of all the kings of Daniel 11, as a starting point for the abomination which makes desolate.  There is another verse in Daniel to take into account, too, "when sinners have reached their measure."

If you study the quatrains, you will see that those three kings were made enemies as early as the late 1960's.  For two of them to keep a rule of peace was a major venture on both their parts.  But eventually I was caught in the middle, and I was attacked by the king of the south of Daniel 11:40.  It seems to me that I was vulnerable, but Christ said that these things must be fulfilled.

: O

Ummm, you have mixed several different religions, there. With mysticism and soothsayers to boot!  Dude, no man knows the hour, nor date. When you make predictions, and yes, you may have felt like it was prophecy, but it wasn't. And it didn't happen.  The true Word gave specific instructions, read it, not Nostradomas. It tells what you need to know as a "follower".

Get a grip.. when you do this it makes true believers look kooky.

we can only hope it will be over soon
we need a change bad. when I was younger, people were much different.
glad I live in the woods.
I am Not Afraid.
pay attention to your dreams, theywill tell you.
we have had several this past year that we know was a get ready and watch closely.

On reading one of your earlier posts I'm met with: St. John Wycliffe & St. Nostradamus.

Since when were the English theologian martyr & the 16th C French astrologer seer canonized?

We have "Facebook"because you saw Jesus? Do what sir?!?

That's at least something done in my Pontificate, if not in that of another's, as well.

I first wrote that prior to being attacked on November 8, 2012 A.D. And since that time I have further confirmation of it and a recollection as to why.

Christ has received such power and glory, that although I once beheld his face, to do so again now would be much like what God told Moses on Mt. Horeb, that if Moses were to see God's glory straight on, he would die.

Knowing God in your mind, and in the minds of others - Seeing Him in your heart, and in the hearts of others.
The civil year of 2015 A.D. is the only year that will ever contain parts of a non-Judgment Liturgical Year and a Liturgical Year of the Judgment.

How could any of them, anyone, know since scripture says even Jesus knows note the hour? To those that believe, only the Father knows, period. It is trying to predict that we lose the world and our witness.




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