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In a supposed response to increased crime rates in Paragould, Arkansas, Police Chief Todd Stovall and Mayor Mike Gaskill have teamed up to back a horrific plan with the aim of creating a new force of a walking militarized police unit virtually declaring martial law over the city.

According to an article in the paragoulddailypress,  beginning in early 2013 armed police officers dressed in protective gear will routinely walk the streets of Paragould in an effort to lower the high crime rates. Their plan includes stopping everyone they see, asking for their ID, and interrogating the population in hopes of collecting information and leads on crime to 'snuff' out crime. 

"[Police are] going to be in SWAT gear and have AR-15s around their neck," Stovall said. "If you're out walking, we're going to stop you, ask why you're out walking, check for your ID."

"We're going to do it to everybody," he said. "Criminals don't like being talked to." 

Going even further in backing him up, Mayor Gaskill backed up the Chiefs ideology by saying, "They may not be doing anything but walking their dog," he said. "But they're going to have to prove it."

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"We're going to do it to everybody," he said. "Criminals don't like being talked to." Wow... so just taking a stroll down the street and you're a supposed criminal??? If this isn't Martial Law than I don't know what is. Papers please???... UNBELIEVABLE! 

Going even further, Mayor Gaskill backed up the Chiefs ideology by saying, "They may not be doing anything but walking their dog," he said. "But they're going to have to prove it."

Legally though, an officer cannot ask for ID without probable cause. So what probable cause is given to justify police marching through the streets with assault rifles? Stovall justifies the idea as follows:

"To ask you for your ID, I have to have a reason. Well, I've got statistical reasons that say I've got a lot of crime right now, which gives me probable cause to ask what you're doing out. Then when I add that people are scared...then that gives us even more [reason] to ask why are you here and what are you doing in this area."



According to reports, the 'idea' will be 'discussed' with residents on Tuesday 18th at Center Hill Church of Christ and 20th Thursday at the Paragould Community Center. Both meetings start at 7 p.m.

Any 12160s in AR, who could report on this?

if they try this commie crap were i live it will lead to fighting! , fellow paitrots you know we are already in a time of the secound american civil WAR!!. the start period!!.. !THEY WILL LOSE THIS TIME

Commie crap?  How does this behavior on the part of the POLICE qualify for that description?  It looks a lot more like fascism to me.

"They"........as the opposition to oppression & slavery? Fuck the confederacy!!!!

Actions like these are tests, to see how far things are along in the overall agenda.

If nothing is said they will ramp things up even more.

If there is public outcry, then they backpeddle and BS their way out...but everything is in place to reintroduce the plan in future.

A little false flag, always helps to change public opinion.

Papers I don't need to show you any stinking papers. This Police Chief and the Mayor are out of their FU***ING minds if they think the people of the town will stand for this type of gistapo type actions. This is america you idiots where the hell do you get off dictating marshall law. After being a Police Officer for 32 years I can very well tell them that there are various other ways to combat crime in their town.

the bad thing is this will spread across america!like a plaque!!, my self william i was raised in that state !,i wouldnt put up!! with it just like the first time at bull run,Drive those yankee blue coats!! to the river and push them in!!..

Absolutely disgusting. Wouldn't it make more sense to arm the citizens so they could protect themselves?

"Criminals don't like being talked to." No, they don't, but the'll probably tolerate it until the policy enforcers get bored because they haven't caught anyone. How is checking ID's going to catch criminals. Do they have a stamp on their ID that says "criminal"? The best way to "snuff out crime" is to deter it. Arm the people. Criminals hate that more than being talked to. Get rid of gunfree zones. I can't believe they have these zones. That's just advertising for "you can come and kill here because we are defenseless". 

if people didnt have guns to protect themselves obama and his N W O forces! would kill millions of americans!, it would be the worse mass killings in world history!!, but this is what they wont ,or they want to make people slaves!!

A message for all America and all our '12160.info.com' family..

As you think about the Sandy Hook School shooting

and the promises the President of America, Obama ....may .... take because of it,  please....please think about the message in this video before you consider what side of the issue you take.


Yourr reaction, if the wrong one, may end your's and your family's life before its appointed time. "God's Appointed Time".

God gave you life and no man has the 'God given right' to take it away. Or...or no Government either.

I could have used a different image from the video, but this one may make you think more clearly.

For your family...'Watch the video'. Here it is again in case you missed the link.

Larry, ,,,,,,,and please share this link from "Before Its News"


this is all about conditioning the slaves.  If a slave leaves his cubical he better be able to prove why he's out.   If this planet isn't hell it has to run a close second.



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