Marco.....Polio!! Without question the go to disease to defend vaccines is polio. Coincidently it's also the greatest lie and medical con job of all time. Toxins Causing "Polio" is well documented. Polio is the virus that never was. 1824: Metal workers had suffered for centuries from a paralysis similar to polio caused by the lead and arsenic in the metals they were working with. English scientist John Cooke observed: 'The fumes from these metals, or the receptance of them in solution into the stomach, often causes paralysis.' 1890: Lead arsenate pesticide started to be sprayed in the US up to 12 times every summer to kill codling moth on apple crops. 1892: Polio outbreaks began to occur in Vermont, an apple growing region. In his report the Government Inspector Dr. Charles Caverly noted that parents reported that some children fell ill after eating fruit. He stated that 'infantile paralysis usually occurred in families with more than one child, and as no efforts were made at isolation it was very certain it was non-contagious' (with only one child in the family having been struck). 1907: Calcium arsenate comes into use primarily on cotton crops. 1908: In a Massachusetts town with three cotton mills and apple orchards, 69 children suddenly fell ill with infantile paralysis. 1909: The UK bans apple imports from the States because of heavy lead arsenate residues. 1921: Franklin D. Roosevelt develops polio after swimming in Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. Toxicity of water may have been due to pollution run-off. 1943: DDT is introduced, a neurotoxic pesticide. Over the next several years it comes into widespread use in American households. For example, wall paper impregnated with DDT was placed in children's bedrooms. 1943: A polio epidemic in the UK town of Broadstairs, Kent is linked to a local dairy where cows were washed down with DDT. 1944: Albert Sabin reports that a major cause of sickness and death of American troops based in the Philippines was poliomyelitis. US military camps there were sprayed daily with DDT to kill mosquitoes. Neighboring Philippine settlements were not affected. 1944: NIH reports that DDT damages the same anterior horn cells that are damaged in infantile paralysis. 1946: Gebhaedt shows polio seasonality correlates with fruit harvest. 1949: Endocrinologist Dr Morton Biskind, a practitioner and medical researcher, found that DDT causes 'lesions in the spinal cord similar to human polio.' 1950: US Public Health Industrial Hygiene Medical Director, J.G. Townsend, notes the similarity between parathion poisoning and polio and believes that some polio might be caused by eating fruits or vegetables with parathion residues. 1951: Dr. Biskind treats his polio patients as poisoning victims, removing toxins from food and environment, especially DDT contaminated milk and butter. Dr. Biskind writes: 'Although young animals are more susceptible to the effects of DDT than adults, so far as the available literature is concerned, it does not appear that the effects of such concentrations on infants and children have even been considered.' 1949-1951: Other doctors report they are having success treating polio with anti toxins used to treat poisoning, dimercaprol and ascorbic acid. Example: Dr. F. R. Klenner reported: 'In the poliomyelitis epidemic in North Carolina in 1948 60 cases of this disease came under our care... The treatment was massive doses of vitamin C every two to four hours. Children up to four years received vitamin C injection intramuscularly... All patients were clinically well after 72 hours.' 1950: Dr. Biskind presents evidence to the US Congress that pesticides were the major cause of polio epidemics. He is joined by Dr. Ralph Scobey who reported he found clear evidence of poisoning when analyzing chemical traces in the blood of polio victims. Comment: This was a no no. The viral causation theory was not something to be questioned. The careers of prominent virologists and health authorities were threatened. Biskind and Scobey's ideas were subjected to ridicule. 1953: Clothes are moth-proofed by washing them in EQ-53, a formula containing DDT. 1953: Dr. Biskind writes: 'It was known by 1945 that DDT was stored in the body fat of mammals and appears in their milk... yet far from admitting a causal relationship between DDT and polio that is so obvious, which in any other field of biology would be instantly accepted, virtually the entire apparatus of communication, lay and scientific alike, has been devoted to denying, concealing, suppressing, distorting and attempts to convert into its opposite this overwhelming evidence. Libel, slander, and economic boycott have not been overlooked in this campaign.' 1954: Legislation recognizing the dangers of persistent pesticides is enacted, and a phase out of DDT in the US accelerates along with a shift of sales of DDT to third world countries. (Note that DDT is phased out at the same time as widespread polio vaccinations begin. Saying that, polio cases sky rocket only in communities that accept the polio vaccine, as the polio vaccine is laced with heavy metals and other toxins, so the paralysis narrative starts all over again. As the polio vaccines cause huge spikes in polio, the misinformed public demand more polio vaccine and the cycle spirals skyward exponentially) 1956: the American Medical Association mandated that all licensed medical doctors could no longer classify polio as polio. All polio diagnosis would be rejected in favor of Guillian-Barre Syndrome, AFP (acute flaccid paralysis), Bell's Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, (Lou-Gehrig's Disease), MS, MD etc etc. This sleight of hand was fabricated with the sole intent of giving the public the impression that the polio vaccine was successful at decreasing polio or eradicating polio. The public bought this hook, line and sinker and to this very day, many pro vaccine arguments are ignited by the manufactured lie regarding the polio vaccine eradicating polio. 1962: Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is published. 1968: DDT registration cancelled for the US. 2008: Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) is still a raging in many parts of the world where pesticide use is high, and DDT is still used. AFP. MS, MD, Bell's Palsy, cerebral palsy, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Guillian-Barre are all catch basket diagnosis, all similar in symtpoms, tied to heavy metal poisoning and high toxic load. 2008: WHO states on its website: 'There is no cure for polio. Its effects are irreversible.' Conclusion: Modern belief that polio is caused by a virus is an ongoing tragedy for the children of the world. Public funds are wasted on useless and dangerous vaccines when the children could be treated with antitoxins. A call into failing vaccine mythology is warranted, as is a complete investigation of the real agenda being executed against humanity involving science, chemicals, vaccines, the medical field in general, and the government.

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You mentioned Dr F.R. Klenner and his advancing research on ascorbic acid with tremendous health benefits till the Rockefeller medical mafia destroyed him and his accomplishments. They made sure it was well written out of history and especially out of medical practice today.  Research Linus Pauling and his books on Vitamin C.

Wow the horrifying reality of diabolical poisoning of the masses under the aegis of vaccine. Depopulation at it's finest! The bastards!

Linus Pauling was assured of the fact that in sufficient amounts in the blood stream that Vitamin C could not only alleviate common ailments the common cold or the flu, but even cancers! Did the AMA listen to him? No. Did modern medicine cover it up so people could pay for horrid chemo and radiation effects? Yep!


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