My Supplement Regimen (and Links for Each) - Emphasis on Cognition, Anti-Aging

Your mileage my vary with any of these. Not every supplement is good for everyone, and not every supplement is safe for everyone. Every morning, in addition to taking these myself, I also provide supplements for my room mate and my boss, and once a week, I fill up a 7-day pill holder for my Dad. They seem pleased.  Definitely NOT giving medical advice here, as I am not a doctor. I hope you find info here that is of use. Triple check anything you are considering taking into your body, before you take it, please. Look up contraindications, side effects and adverse reactions. And study as to dosages. I'm a 51 year-old White male, 6' 1" tall, 225 pounds, by the way. It's a little-known fact that most prescription drug doses are set for 200 pound males.

Why should the supplements I take be of any import? Well, it could be said that I started studying medicine when I was 11. I achieved a small library of about a hundred medical (and other technical books) from library sales, garage sales and second hand book stores. When I was 19, I was taking Inter-Library Loans home in large cardboard boxes. Many of these were medical. When I was 20, when many my age were doing other things, I was haunting the University of Cincinnati's technical libraries, especially Rieveschl Hall, their chem-bio library. And the Lloyd Library, also in Cinci. When the internet became available to me, it was not unusual for me to live at the computer, reading scientific and medical journal articles, patents, etc. And high-functioning autism, a symptom of which is "stereotyped interests", which oft happen to be scientific or medical. It focuses the mind wonderfully.  Not bragging about any of this, it's not been fun really, it's just the way it is.

I link to some Selfhacked and Linus Pauling Institute articles because they are comprehensive and well-organized, easy to read, and jibe with what I know from other sources and personal experience. I have no connection with them, never bought any of Selfhacked's products..For the most part, I like the Swanson, Puritan's Pride and Nutricost brands as sold on Ebay. They're economical and seem to be quality supplements. The Vitamin A, Turmeric extract, and one or two others I take are not these brands. In my opinion the Recommended Daily Allowances for vitamins and minerals are a complete joke. Relying on them will not produce health. You do have to be careful about fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E, and K. Taking too much can cause a toxic build-up in the body, unlike water-soluble vitamins.

1. Phenylpiracetam, 100 mg. - In my opinion, the ultimate "smart pill" or nootropic. The capsules sold on Ebay are actually more expensive than from the producer's web site."Selfhacked" Link with Side Effects, Benefits

2. Turmeric extract  1300 mg, 95% Curcumin, with "Bioperine" (black pepper extract). Very well known benefits. Black pepper extract increases bioavailability 2000%. I buy on Ebay. Extensive Medical Journal Article, a Little Technobabble , Selfhacked, Turmeric

3. Folic Acid 1000 mcg (1 mg) - I'm big time into tissue regeneration, being 51 and having suffered a massive heart attack over a year ago (I am a smoker and sometimes drinker). There is no new cell growth without Folic Acid. That's why they prescribe it for pregnant mothers, but I think if everyone was taking it, we wouldn't break down via age so fast. Some have told me they must take a different form, as they lack an enzyme, the different forms are covered in the link. Folic Acid, Linus Paling Institute

4. N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg - A liver detoxicant, it is the specific antidote for acetaminophen poisoning. Chelates heavy metals, but as it has only one chemical "hook" (like Cilantro and most other OTC chelators), it lets the metals go before they are excreted, resulting in heavy metals being concentrated in the brain.  It has nootropic (cognitive-enhancing) activity. It gets turned into collagen. It helps with the digestion of proteins, as it is a "proteolytic". Livestrong Link, also covers N-Acetyl Carnitine

5. Vitamin C, 500 mg,. Linus Pauling Institute - Vitamin C

6. Zinc 50 mg and Selenium 200 mcg (0.2 mg) - Taking one only makes you deficient in the other. For the immune system and the thyroid gland. Livestrong - Zinc, Selenium

7 Vanadium (Vanadyl Sulfate) 10 mg, and Chromium Picolinate 800 mcg (0.8 mg)  -For metabolism. Anti-diabetic properties. Joel "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" Wallach on Diabetes, Youtube

8. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 350 mg - A precursor to dopamine (a neurotransmitter chemical). Source Naturals formerly had a combination pill for improving brain function, this was one of the two important components. The "N-acetyl" part makes it very much more bioavailable. Selfhacked - L-Tyrosine

9. Boron 3 mg - People take it for osteoarthritis. It seems to also be good for brain function, etc. Extensive Medical Journal Article, Light Technobabble

10. 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan 100 mg - Becomes serotonin in the body. For sleep, cravings, anxiety, depression. Probably not a good idea if you are on an SSRI antidepressant (I hope for your sake you're not).  Selfhacked Article 5-HTP

11. Vitamin D 2500 IU - If you get plenty of sunlight, you won't need such a high dose, of course. For the immune system, bone heath, dozens of other things. Linus Pauling Institute - Vitamin D

12. Niacin 100 mg - A niacin deficiency mimics schizophrenia, also a sufficient quantity induces a skin "flush" with redness and itching, which is good for you. Aids the brain, digestion (increases intestinal motility), breathing, etc. Avoid "flush free" (does no good) or time release (is liver toxic) forms. Linus Pauling - Niacin

13. Vitamin A 10,000 IU - For soft tissue, mucous membrane maintenance and vision. Linus Pauling Institute - Vitamin A

14. Soon to be added - Vitamin K2 M7 - Prevents heart disease and osteoporosis. There is also the M4 variety of vitamin K2.  - Medical Journal Article - Vitamin K2 M7

15. 2 CCs Fortified Vitamin B Complex (Injection), intramuscular - I can't recommend that anyone do this, because of the dangers of injecting anything (soft tissue infections, etc.). Over the decades, I've used enough to fill up a milk crate with empty 250 CC ampoules, as long as they're not neatly stacked. I use it mainly for the cognitive effects.

16 Allantoin 2.25 grams - For tissue regeneration, especially in the Central Nervous System. I add it to 40 CCs distilled water, mix (not much dissolves). I then  take it orally. If humans take this, it MUST be synthetic. The organic version, from the Comfrey plant, also has small amounts of toxic pyrrolidizine alkaloids, which poison the liver if taken repeatedly. The synthetic allantoin does not have these toxins in it. Medical Journal Article, Much Technobabble , Patent Application - Allantoin and Neurodegenerative Disease 

17. Magnesium Chloride ("magnesium oil"). - I spray some on my legs 15 minutes before sleep. Prevents calcium deposits in arteries, etc. Nexus Magazine - Magnesium Chloride (Excellent Article)

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I forgot (busy day, lot on my mind) to add iodine, in the form of Iodoral brand (iodine and potassium iodide).  Purchased on Ebay.

12.5 mg, so I break them in half (shape and scoring makes it easy). It is hard on the stomach, and I only take this (6.25 mg) every other day. 3.25 mg / day is about what the Japanese ingest, because they eat seaweed and a lot of fish.

Bread manufacturers in the US used to use iodine as a "fixer", whatever that means. Now they use bromine. The manufacturers of processed foods use sodium bromate as a preservative. Of course, chlorine is added to tap water, and so is fluoride. Bromine, chlorine and fluorine are lighter members of the group of elements iodine belongs to, the halogens. Because they are lioghter, if you get an excess, they will replace iodine in the body, which causes metabolic havoc. An iodine deficiency results in deveopmental problems which leads to lower intelligence.


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