By Anna Von Reitz

I am receiving all sorts of questions about the idea of having a "convention of States to change the Constitution".  The promoters of this idea openly admit that the "States" they are claiming to represent are incorporated entities. 
Our States are unincorporated entities.  And they are not yet organized and qualified to attempt re-writing their own Constitutions or re-chartering their own Federal States of State, much less are they prepared to address the U.S. Constitutions. 
If the organizers of this misbegotten attempt to infringe upon our names in Commerce continue, they will meet us in Court and they will lose. We will also make a formal complaint to the Queen to enforce against them as a our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways.  They will be arrested and jailed for conspiracy against the Constitution and against the actual living Constituents of this country.
Either these "persons" are so ignorant that they don't know what a "State" is, or they are deliberately trying to mislead people and seize power they don't have in another "similar names deceit" sleight of hand. 
The Missing Federal States of States are incorporated entities, but not the States of the Union.
And only the unincorporated States of the Union can re-charter (our ancestors called it "re-construct") the Missing Federal States of States. 
So, first, the unincorporated States must form and muster and the people operating them must qualify themselves and learn the ropes, then the Federal States of States must be re-constructed and take up their rightful place, and then, finally, we may contemplate a Continental Congress to take up the issue of reforming and updating the Constitutions. 
None of this can take place apart from disciplined and proper action on our parts, so we might as well knuckle down.
People need to cool their jets and learn their lessons and do the actual work set before us.  Maybe if they do, they will learn enough to qualify as actual State Jurors and then hold valid elections for State Deputies, and who knows?  Maybe they will all learn enough to be competent to tinker with the Constitutions? 
Until the people of this country learn the law and the history and do what actually needs to be done, they will constantly be in unnecessary danger of arrest and none of their actions will be taken seriously. 
Can Irishmen vote to change the Spanish government?
Can Israelis vote in Argentina's elections?
Can foreign incorporated "States" change our Constitutions? 
Go figure, everyone --- and especially those who are trying to set up some kind of "Convention of the States". 
P.S. Our States don't do "conventions" for the purpose of amending the Constitutions.  Our States meet in Continental Congresses.

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 "Convention of States to change the Constitution" it was never to change the Constitutions, it was to restore the Constitution, and the Republic.

 To many people stating the facts check backwards.

Incorporated States cannot make decisions about the Republic. Wrong jurisdiction. The Republic operates under law of the land, Corporations under law of the sea.

Incorporated States, try a Incorporated Constitution, and honey I have read the COS Book.



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