North Korea's 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-Il is dead
The 69-year-old dictator of North Korea, died Saturday. ">It said a tearful newscaster on state television.

North Korea's 69-year-old leader Kim Jong-Il passed away early Saturday death during a train travel near the capital Pyongyang. "">The news agency AFP, referring to a news report Monday on the North Korean state television.
"">The military in North Korea is at its highest alert after the announcement of the death.
A tearful news anchor, dressed in black, said that Kim Jong-Il died as a result of physical and mental overwork. "">In 2008, Kim Jong-Il suffered a stroke.
"">What Kim Jong-Il, also known as 'The Dear Leader', died, there is no information about.
- Probably he died of another heart attack. "">It is not entirely unexpected, said Chung Young-Ta from the Korean Institute for National Reconciliation (between North and South Korea, ed), told Reuters.
"">Immediately after the statement urged the state media in North Korea people to back up the deceased's son Kim Jong Un, who has long been ready in the wings to assume power.
- What's going to happen now is very crucial. "">Kim Young-Un has not yet been officially identified, but the regime will probably endeavor that he takes over, says Chung Young-Ta.
"">- The risk of a power struggle is present, he said.
"">According to BBC the White House in Washington announced that it follows a notice of Kim Jong-Ils death sealed and that the U.S. is committed to creating peace on the Korean Peninsula and to provide security and freedom for America's allies.
"">U.S. president Barack Obama has spoken by telephone with South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak, and according to a spokesman for the South Korean president, the two leaders agreed to work closely and monitor the situation together.
North Korea has for decades been governed by the same family. "">Kim Jong-Il took over 17 years ago his father, Kim Il-Sung as the leader of the closed communist country.
"">Formally, Kim Jong-Il, General Secretary of the autocratic Communist Party, Chairman of the National Defence Commission and supreme commander of its armed forces.
He has over the years been accused of brutal crimes and child abuse against both foreigners and his own countrymen. "">But he was also notorious as a playboy who lived a dissolute life in a whirl of pleasures in contrast to the poor population terms.
"">Kim Jong-Il never reached his father's height, either with regard to the undisputed authority and power, or when it came to publicity and personality cult.
It was also a difficult task, as father had appointed himself president of North Korea forever. Why would Kim Jong-Il just terms 'The Great Leader' or alternatively 'The Dear Leader',29307,1991712,00.html?hpt=h...



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