Odd Danske Bank Commercial “A New Normal” Tells You What is Normal in the NWO

Odd Danske Bank Commercial “A New Normal” Tells You What is Normal in the NWO

Nov 30th, 2012 | Category: Latest News | 101 comments

Until February 2012, Danske Bank was owned by elite financier Peter Straarup who is a member of the Trilateral Commission (created by David Rockefeller) and of the Bilderberg group. The bank’s latest commercial entitled “A New Normal Demands New Standards” is quite odd, not to say deeply disturbing and upsetting. It basically shows a bunch of things that are supposedly considered “the new normal”…And most of these things…not good.

In fact, they reflect a whole bunch of things part of the New World Order Agenda, whether it be a police state, the repression of free speech, pushing transhumanism or brainwashing children. Yes, all of these things are slyly referred to in the commercial. I guess its message is that the bank recognizes and understands the reality of today’s world and so forth…But the resulting product depicts nevertheless a grim picture of the fuiture.

Here are some of the things the commercial considers to be the “new normal”.

A guy throwing a rock at police in riot gear. Since when is that normal? When things like this happen, its because democracy is failing miserably. So, no, it is not normal, Danske Bank.


Thousands of Chinese workers cramped into a high-tech, chemical sweat-chop. Those are modern-day slaves. Not normal, Danske Bank.


A desperate guy hitting police in riot gear with his umbrella. That’s normal now?


Silencing people with money? That’s the new normal? But, on a serious note, is this BANK actually catering to the Occupy Wall Street crowd? The crowd that was protesting…big banks? There’s some weird mind games going on in this ad.


Kids being brainwashed by video games promoting a police state?


Little girl mesmerized by a tablet?


Robots playing soccer? Does the “new normal” means dehumanizing everything?


Emotionless creepy smile that seems to say “Help me, I’m miserable”?

In short, most of the things shown in the video are not normal. They are things the NWO wants to see becoming normal by flooding mass media with messages. Thank you Bilderberg-owned bank for letting us know that everything you believe to be normal is…not.

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They certainly are in a hurry complete their decadence building for the human race. A question arises, why does everything have to suck?

They are in a hurry to get their capstone on top of their pyramid. Their kingdom will be destroyed, though. They wanted a third world slave nation and they almost have accomplished it. 

If you look at the 10 planks of communism they've almost all been done.

Well, this is what We can change if We all choose a different path - one which I have been offering up for consideration all over the web for a number of years now.  I would END the factory slave and the police state - in fact, I would end "state" in favor of a stigmergically emerging governance solving problems rather than controlling anyOne.  This is far more natural a way to govern society than a constrictive, top-down, mandating system that needs to be enforced.

For Any who have not seen what I offer, please visit My blog here, or My new forum:

T.A.P. - You're It!




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