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When a church becomes a secular state with a government or even an army, one needs to ask if the organized religion is more devoted to a political entity, than a spiritual belief. A contemporary example could be the Iranian Mullahs, but for the definitive historic paradigm has been the Catholic Church. Catholic translates into universal. Notwithstanding, the crucial question that is traditionally avoided seeks to ask if the quid essential Christendom Church has operated more as an ingrained assemblage than a shepherd for saving souls.

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“according to

the Encyclopedia Judaica the Rothschilds bear

the title “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.”

The Vatican Treasury, of course, holds the

imperial wealth of Rome. Imperial wealth grows

in proportion to its victories in war; as

the Jesuit empowerment Regimini militantis

ecclesiae implies, the Church‑at‑War is more

necessary than the Church‑at‑Peace. According

to H. Russell Robinson's illustrated Armour of

Imperial Rome,


Christianity has been effected strongly by the Roman Catholic church and sun (Sol Invictus) worship going back thousands of year to Babylon and Egypt. Have you ever noticed the parallel between the words sun and son, sun set and Seth the Egyptian god of the setting sun? Their holy number is six because the midday occurs on the sixth hour from the sunrise.

The Popes, Cardinals, Bishops And Priests Of Rome Are Worshipers Of The Babylon Sun God Tammuz

Sol Invictus and Christianity

Christian iconography adopted some of the artistic language of paganism. The depiction of Christ with a halo relates to late antiquity usage, but the radiated crown also appears.

According to the New Catholic Encyclopedia, 1967, article on i>Constantine the Great:

"Besides, the Sol Invictus had been adopted by the Christians in a Christian sense, as demonstrated in the Christ as Apollo-Helios in a mausoleum (c. 250) discovered beneath St. Peter's in the Vatican."
   Silver disc of Sol Invictus, 3rd century, Roman



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