Quality Debunking: Emilie Parker Still Alive after Sandy Hook

In the below video that has now 8.5 million views and counting there is a big error yet it's understandable as it fooled me until I looked it up. (what hardcore theorists do lol)

"They had three blond daughters, Emilie (aged 6), Madeline (aged 4) and Samantha (aged 3). Now they have two, Madeline and Samantha. The elder girl shown in the photo with Obama is quite obviously Madeline. The family portrait of all three girls was apparently taken in 2010, when Emilie was about the same age that Madeline is now. Obviously the dress is a hand-me-down.

The claim is based on photo taken at a meeting between President Obama and the Parker family. Two low resolution photos of this meeting were used in the conspiracy theory posts:" source >>http://metabunk.org/threads/1054-Debunked-Emilie-Parker-Still-Alive... click the link and just look at the pictures I didn't want to copy the whole post here but it's pretty conclusive after you look at it for a min.

Things do need to be debunked in this movement when we notice them!

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that's it!  note to self... re-watch when you have more time.

Damn! It's still a false flag, but requires more thinking. There's no proof of any bodies. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make the 2 girls appear the same, including the hair part. Still not convinced, but won't tout this to newbies.



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