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          Ok, this topic should give more depth of why the Illuminati and the Masons want to destroy Christianity, my faith and its rather tragic. But God even told his Apostle John this, in a dream or vision. But this comes form a friend in Scotland, shes a Christian too, her name is Laura Maxwell, she does what I do. But has radio views and goes on TV to voice what God shows her, and we have talked on Facebook, interesting lady and nice. Ok I'm going to post her videos on here. And I will put some links on the veries people mentioned in these Videos And about Laura. I will make one note, look at the X, its a double V technically. I know one of you was curious how V-Vendetta links to Ancient Egypt. Look at the Geometric form of the Ancient Egyptian Crook and Flail, interesting ant it, like I have shown you this can be traced even before the land of the Pharaohs, too Ancient Babylon! Like Michael Jackson's theme words in his song Remember The Time, that's so true, as I learn form God in my walk, this walk ant for everyone of my faith. But like my spiritual name in God is Issachar, I understand the times and remember them as God opens up some of the Mysteries to me, too help all you and whoever needs me in Christ, I will as Christs Soldier like it shows in my symbolism on my page of the USS Defiant, I love Christ first and love you all, as I go into the darkness to defy Satan with the Phasers of Christ! Like Patriot says it, its not battle against flesh, but Spiritual forces!!! I wont stop firing a blaze until I help who wants Christ to Christ :). Much Esotericism Mysteries have been forgotten, lost in the sands of Egypt and Babylon, for good reason! Now that its coming full force on us today, its my job as Christs Soldier too counter this! And show the truth of all this! Because of this, many will be lost to the hands of Satan O_o.


Research Sites#

Ok I can show you a road form Maddum Helena Blavatsky too Aliester Crawely too Alan Moore, concering my post on here, V-Vendetta, Guy Fawke. Now I don't know what links Guy Fawke had with Maddum Helena Blavatsky, he lived over 250 years before her. But I have reason to believe Blavastskys evil doctrines, Aliester Crawely learned form, thus the man Alan Moore learned form Aliester Crawelys stuff, thus by 2006, Alan Moore making the Evil movie V-Vendetta. Alan Moore is the writer of some controversial stuff like V-Vendetta, he reminds me of Miss Helena Blavatsky. Alan Oswald Moore (born 18 November 1953) is an English writer primarily known for his work in comic books, a medium where he has produced a number of critically acclaimed and popular series, including WatchmenV for Vendetta, and From Hell.[5]Both were and are into Spiritistism and the dark arts, the Ancient Egyptians and other Ancient Esotericism societies were all about this, why do you think the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Babylon and Ancient Sumeria were so Mysterious and why when Jesus Christ came to die for our sins, on the Cross, he even nailed the dark arts and the Mystery religions to the cross! Jesus Christ my Lord, has protected us form this for so long! Because if the world Eleets would have been blocked by Christ, we would had a much worse last 2000 years under Esotericism, for it says in the Gods word, it will be like in the days of Noah as it will be in the times of the second coming of the son of God(Jesus Christ). And now we have come closer and closer too the Age of Aquarius, Aliester Crawely called the Age of Horus, see in my studies on Ancient Egyptian Mythology, the Egyptian god Horus with its Falcun head, was for War and Vengeance, I don't mean Horus knew Guy Fawke, I ment them 2 were similar in Spirit! And Maddum Helena Blavatsky wrote a 2 book volume called Isis Unveiled, I have the E-Book Volumes of this in my research bank. And form what my friend Laura is saying, that this book is Maddum Blavatskys Doctrine. My friend James, he knows her too, hes the one that interduced me too her, hes in Scotland too, he told me that these books, are a Architecture base of Nazism before the 20th century. Now here's the Volume book, this is quit a read, me as a Christian, I got to keep my soul, so I only read enough to expose this! For I wont even read the book of the dead or any occult book! Except to glance over it enough, then leave it. I wouldn't recommend anyone to read it and dought anyone on here, has to time too! But this will show you just how much Esotericism  Doctrine has gone into forming the New World Order and brain washing us, the industrial and modern populous , by the mixing of the this stuff and Masonry and the Illuminati, made a more Vengeful dangerous Illuminatous Eleet Force! The Illuminati is the Pyramid Sun Cult! And I believe was in Ancient Egypt as well, believe the Illuminati was born in Ancient Egypt, its Ancient Egyptian name is Illuminatous Of Serpents I do believe. And part of there eleet is also called Golden Dawn, they came form the Ancient Esoteric Egyptian Order of Thebes, there Ancient princes. And here's what my friend Jessica on my home Christian site showed us, whats going on in Modern Greece with these Golden Dawn eleets, I think you all will find interesting. It will be in the list of links below. 

Horus was often the ancient Egyptians' national patron god. He was usually depicted as a falcon-headed man wearing the pschent, or a red and white crown, as a symbol of kingship over the entire kingdom of Egypt.
God of the king, the sky and vengeance

The volume books of Isis's Vail#   

more links#                    

Golden Dawns movement in Greece!

Here's my Guy Fawk Topic any that are interested#

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I don't mind at all Patriot and thank you my sister!



yes I believe this what we are up against is not just a government out of control or that sociopaths rule the world but is a battle against good and evil and the satanists against the Chirstians and everyone good or innocent .

whjen I was young I went through a New age phase - my Bible teacher warned me that the New Age was just another word for the tribulation / end times - now I inderstand so much better what she meant !




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