Whats scary is if Alex Jones is right and what I think I saw is right which was the reactors themselves blowing up. This is a cover up on scale with 9/11 because that will mean the pellets themselves are laying in a debris pile melting and fission into radioactive isotopes that will be carried with the wind towards us. Whats nice and may be the reason no one here in the US will die is the pacific ocean and distance.


Three reactors have now blown up, they admit the rods were exposed many times meaning they were just sitting there with air around them not water cooling them, at one point they said Two and a half hours went by before they got water back on to them... sea water ...again that is if they are telling the truth at all and the core is still in tact.  What they slickly may have meant lol is that 2.5hr after the core blew up they began spraying sea water onto the ground where the pellets landed. Its all bad at this point, even if we believe their story that it was just the building we saw exploding then at this point they have little control if any how bad this gets and how fast. I'f i had to bet money I'd bet at least one of these reactors is going to completely melt down, so we should now expect that.


What to do in the US and how bad is it going to be.

I'm not a nuclear physicist nor a meteorologist and have little info about 1. If we have three reactors in full melt down or three partial meltdowns. 2. how much material is in each core 3. if any others are going to blow in the hours and days to come.

"Some comments have been made in which the radioactive release of the Chernobyl event is claimed to be 300[3] or 400[4] times that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima."(WIKI

If it's true that Chernobyl was 300-400 times the radioactive release Hiroshima then as of right now we could have with three Chernobyl's of radioactive release (900-1200 times Hiroshima).

Since you all have your heads screwed on straight you already have your food, stored water, berkey's, GAS MASKS (doubt you'll need them for this event but you better have one their cheap, just see how long you can hold your breath lol get a gas mask!! you won't be able to get them from the corner store if you actually need one), ProKI, and weapons. You should be all set with just buying a bottle of iodine from the store if you don't already have one. Paint a square the size of a match book somewhere on your body or follow the instructions on bottle if its a supplement. DO NOT TAKE THE ProKI- Potassium Iodide pills unless your in 100 rem environment which right now would be within a kilometer of the Fukushima nuclear plant, not in the USA. Those pills are literally for emergency use only, they will send you into hyperthyroidism, not good.

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TAGAJO, Japan — Japan warned of an alarming radiation leak from a stricken nuclear power plant and told people nearby to stay indoors to avoid becoming sick in a rapidly escalating national crisis following last week’s earthquake and tsunami.



"stay indoors to avoid becoming sick" you don't say that unless you've have a full meltdown especially if you know the Japanese culture of not being direct and valuing order above all else.  

Well I guess I overlooked the obvious along with everyone else even though I had read it earlier. So they store their spent rods on top of the reactor core containment chambers in Japan ... well I thought this was bad before I realized this. I guess there are a bunch of MOX Plutonium/Uranium pellets on the ground at that Fukushima now. Man am i glad I'm a survivalist and have my shit together already, If you don't... why continue to wait for something worse. I don't know that it gets much worse than this devoid a nuke going off here in the USA.


"Destroying the New World Order"

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