Watch the following 4 Minute Trailer for "Thrive," and you won't want to miss
the full length film that's also provided:

"Thrive" >> 4 Minute Trailer

edit: "Thrive" >> Full-Length Film -- 2 Hours, 8 Minutes

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Powerfully informative !!

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another p.o.v.  :)

Thrive the Movie - Is NOT about Thriving at all! In my opinion, It ...

Many won't like what I have to say about the much hyped movie Thrive!

I watched the much hyped Thrive movie on 11/16/11. I had put a trailer on this blog about it coming out on 11/11/11, which I now have taken down after seeing the movie.

I know what I am posting about it, is totally contrary to "popular" belief and the hype about it.

In my opinion the movie was made to suck people's energy out of them and make them feel hopeless! It is so overwhelming in what they say. For one hour and 37 minutes it is nothing but "You have no Hope and you are a slave!"

As I watched the movie I wrote down notes on what they were talking about, which I have the notes below.

I personally believe this film was made by the same elite that he (Gamble) talks about in the movie and how they control every aspect of the world.

It's terrific, especially for people who are ignoring what's going on in the world.  It's easy to understand, compelling and although he's unnamed, the DVD mentions Ron Paul philosophies.

The Thrive movie has big advertising. Big names. Big message. Big budget...and it has big "disinformation" mixed with truth? When it was sent me I reblogged it and retweeted it with the words "Interesting ...". Literally that. Those that know me a bit better realise I would investigate cause my intuition was warning me.

Foster Gamble, the producer of "Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?", claims he spent his entire life trying to figure out what has caused the staggering agony and deprivation on planet earth. That is a lie. Foster Gamble knows the cause. Foster Gamble is the Gamble heir.

Thrive is simply the latest and greatest Zeitgeist-like big-budget controlled-opposition co-option of the conspiracy community.

Just for some more detail in case you don't understand the implications of "Gamle heir".

Proctor and Gamble make billions per year and does hundreds of millions of business with the Pentagon and Department of Defense. They lobby to block bans on animal testing, distribute GMO products, produced the first implantable microchips,  and helped finance Hitler's Third Reich.

I was so disappointed when "Thrive" was being touted on this site.  Now that the truth is being slowly disseminated on the message of "Thrive", I am a bit relieved.  Hopefully, the Truth will out, and the hype/lies will continue to subside.

There's no disinformation in it, only truth.  Yes he was an heir but has not taken his inheritance.  Just like John Robbins with the B & R inheritance and his decision on not to take it.

Then how did he pay for the movie making? :

Foster inherited a lot of money which he, along with wife Kimberly, invested $4.5 million and (along with another $2.5 million from investors), Produced the THRIVE WebVid & WebSite which will, for a nominal $$$ Fee:
Empower the THRIVE Movement & Enrich The Lives of ALL Investors IF...

Suspend Rational Thinking  & Promise Not To Fact-Check claims & BUY OUR Product & SELL Our Product

About 90% of the info in this movie was already known.  We out number the elite one million to one. To fix things we need none participation in the elite.  The movie is great for someone that doesn't know about this stuff.  The stuff being UFO visitation, world dominance, food dominance, rich bankers, oil, new world order,  news media, police state,  population control, etc.  Man i think they are trying to start a revolution.  lol  Honestly the movie is not that bad.  No worse than others i have seen.  Watch it in case you may not know about certain things.  The most important to me is the last 30 minutes of the movie.  Make sure to at least watch the last 30. 

I hate to be a partypooper to those that like this film, but this is how it struck me...I saw it posted a few times by people on Facebook but for some reason didn't particularly jump until I decided to see what people were popularising..I started to watch and was finding it felt a bit cheesy, but ok-ish, then it got to his education at Princeton. I just stopped the film and looked up the University, something I normally wouldn't do, but education says a lot. Turns out they hold one of the oldest Jesuit texts, which would imply some strong interest as this would not be a cheap book to acquire. They also publish new texts so show sympathy to the current day. Also on campus is Opus Dei, known to be somewhat secretive and dehumanising. The Jesuit in example seems to claim after training that they have changed path as a modus operandi for secretive Jestuit agenda. Adam Weishaupt, a founder of Freemasons was Jesuit trained and claimed this, and other examples have been found of a wife unaware her husband was a practising priest, and students trained then sent out to convert young women to the catholic faith, the Jesuit being the upholder of the Vatican supremacy claim by Papal Bulls. Reputedly the Jesuit has control of the council of 300 that run the banking system and are inflitrated into all walks of life and most religions, to break the protestant faiths and Christ believers as the enemies of the Lucifarian/New age religion.


So back to it, Foster claims he spent 50 years reseaching this, but if you watch while he tells you, you will notice he shakes his head, I believe unable to mask that he does not believe his own words. Considering I have only spent around 2 years really digging and I have come across the Jesuit as a main conspirator in the NWO, yet for him, he encounters them directly yet does not know anything about them after 50 years? Or is it because his family are Jesuit and it would be betrayal ?


Next alarm...UFOs..I am recently totally of the opinion that although UFO's are a phenomena, I think we are being hoaxed to encourage one world joining so as to deal with other 'worlds'. So I see this as in the interest of the elite to further this belief....surface to air missiles at UK Olympics have been suggested as a possibility, why else ? Government have many craft and "Nordic" hybrids ready to act up as aliens with friendly faces making easy to round up the unaware..


As I watched I found some good presenters, a lot of reasonable stuff pulled together, great visual and musical treatment, part of the hypnotic and convincing effect, frequencies can make us feel uplifted as if there must be something true there, try watching with the sound down..but All through I was waiting for the solutions that he kept hinting at but never really showed and was totally dissappointed at the end by a Wooly 'Advert' for a caring world with no substance or suggestion of remedy.

So I took a look at the financial part of the website..

Core money creation..reasonable ideas...1. End Fed 2. Money creation at US treasury...theoretically good, but given the US has just staffed it's whole financial team with ex bankers and traders, would now just be a change of front. 3. 'monetise' the debt after moving creation to the treasury....Now to me that sounds like exactly what we have just been doing...printing money to give to those that embezzled the system, because we are all about to be rumbled and jailled if not careful and we still need a nest egg as we are all bankrupt if the truth be admitted. To my humble guess the current debt of the US is over 150 trillion if you take a few things into account, maybe even more...So that would mean US Gov buys ALL the debt, yet again, by turning it into money to give to.....obviously the vendor...Central Banks...and then proposes we would need tax for a few years to pay it off....laughable...


There is a simple solution that eradicates income tax altogether, STOP BUYING MONEY FROM GANSTERS WITH GUNS and create our own currency at state level, tell the bankers to go play with each other somewhere out of sight and forget their dreams of continued larceny of the WORLD...He even had BILL STILL on the video, one of the most pertinent commentators of our time on the subject of money, yet tries to marry Bills clean idea with paying off the hoodlums..


Quick Cover Analysis,

Good looking girl (selling via sex)

One Eye showing under triangle arch of hair and blindfold,(eye in pyramid) human of light reflected or shown in pupil (close watch)

The lettering of thrive is curiously arranged almost like it could be read differently, the v becomes S, the E at the end becomes now you have Thrist, but then the first letter looks like it joins to the H to make some character, like an N but maybe it is a hebrew character, but there is nearly 'Christ' in the title..? is this another subconscious assent mechanism for the Christ lover ? Anyhow, moving on, the V becomes elongated to the left describing the Sun rising behind the Earth in a crescent of light, and the light burst is in the form of a light body human, who is either bursting from the Sunlight or being dissected by the arch of light, which reaches all the way to the first letter...oh could that be the C for Christ ?   maybe stretching it but that only just came...then underneath we have 11:11:11 or sum 33, why exactly is the date included ?


Altogether a pretty full set of freemasonry symbolism, methinks because they are bound to declare themselves so that assent is pure...


So yes I think its a scam to push UFO, dodgy bankers interests, Privatised society, and to collect names and ideas from organisation who are essentially anti-NWO so they know who to infiltrate and undermine, notice his 'globalisation' of helpers via a worldwide network...All ideas that speak of global control of anything at all miss the fact that if Humans got their world back, we wouldn't need to 'make' stuff happen worldwide, it just would, locally and individually. Any concept that tries to rule All creates mundanity...


Thumbs down, but watch and learn with discretion  is ok, but personally I would not be giving these guys my details or ideas, although I may aproach and challenge them if I read them up more, but to be honest, I can't take looking at the stuff too long, makes me feel sickish...that's the true test...8)




My BS-detector went crazy when in the solutions portion, the guy basically tells you to go to his website.  The website wants you to join the "thrive movement".  Suspect-as-hell....  Looks like a setup.  Get people to believe in the movement, then pied-piper them down whatever path they really want.  The website and the movie both talk about 3 stages of change that can happen separately or simultaneously.  This is very scary since the endgame proposed by the thrive site is anarcho-capitalism.  While A/C is not a bad endgame, getting there is awfully hard.  And if it is not done in a precise order, it would be catastrophic to the poor.  In fact, proposing this move the way the movie/site does seems like a sure-fire way to capsize the hope to bring A/C about at all. 

The flying-through-space-and-time-with-holograms-in-tow thing was beyond cheesey.

Out of all the movie I will just be going through the facts on their website sheet to see if there is anything there that I don't already know.  I did download their movie and convert it.   ya never know.  lol

this move sucks! its just promoting another fake paradigm that the promoters want us to get sucked into.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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