A big part of 'getting along' with someone is a sense of something in common.

So what do Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin have in common to that end?

1) Both men are 'alpha males' ... a lion vs a lion ... high achievers with provable track records.

2) Both men are shrewd negotiators ... "Chess champs" in politics and business ... which these days are very inter-twined.

3) Both men are not owned (controlled) by the "establishment" and speak the harsh truth as only self-made men can do.

4) Both men love their countries and the people.

5) Both men support a strong military ... but don't put the military as out as a 'first resort' ... instead a backup if all else fails.

6) Both men are routinely maligned in the mainstream media because they don't cooperate with the 'power brokers' behind the scenes & Trump has a tougher stuggle with that than Putin does.

Until Obama and his crew of 'organizers' and 'activists' came along, the "cold war" was done, race relations were healthy, and the average American was making and maintaing a decent living and had hope in and for the future.

America and Russia have great capacity to get along and do good things ... two super powers who can build a joint space station can certainly team up to tame the global insanity plagueing every human on earth!

Every relationship requires respect and right now the relationship between America and Russia needs that more than ever.

Trump-Putin ... a lion vs a lion ... as opposed to Putin vs Obama ... a lion vs a pussy (cat). Both Trump and Putin are focussed on economic, military and political stability nationally and world wide. That's a good match for cooperation and mutual respect.

AS it is now, Putin can't talk about any of that to Obama, whose agenda is more about LBGT than about world security and well being for all.

The USA has gone to hell in a custom-made handbasket since the 2009 innauguration ... everything that WAS cooperative, is now DIVISIVE. The people are fearful of a 'system' that is clearly OUT OF CONTROL.

Time for decicive change if there is to be a future at all for any of us!

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