Turns out that claiming to be a transgender doesn’t excuse you from murdering your own parents

This photo posted in September 2016 to Alice Balcer's Facebook shows Andrew Balcer, then 17, and his mother Alice, following a running competition.

A mentally-ill, gender-dysphoric person from Maine who back on Halloween of 2016 decided to murder both of “her” parents in cold blood is now trying to justify this gruesome act by claiming that “her” mom and dad just weren’t “tolerant” enough of “her” transgenderism.

“Andrea” Balcer, born as Andrew Balcer, reportedly plunged “a hunting knife into his mother’s back as she comforted him in his bedroom,” according to CentralMaine.com. Hearing his wife’s screams, Balcer’s father rushed into the room, which is when Balcer then stabbed him to death, along with the family Chihuahua “because it would not stop barking.”

Balcer was recently sentenced to 40 years in prison for these brutal crimes against “her” family members. But rather than take personal responsibility for committing these acts of evil, Balcer is instead blaming “her” transgenderism.

According to Balcer, “her” parents did their best to raise “her” as a boy, since “she” was born a biological male. It was having to be raised as a boy, Balcer says, that ultimately caused “her” to snap and drive sharp, metal weapons into “her” parents’ bodies.

“I wanted to grow up and be a woman,” Balcer stated during a recent phone interview with local media. “They (Balcer’s parents) kind of sat me down and told me and kind of physically forced into me that that was something that was not acceptable.”

Will Balcer eventually lash out and try to murder “her” fellow inmates for using incorrect gender pronouns?
While Balcer says “she” feels some level of remorse over what “she” did, “she” still insists upon playing female in “her” new prison home. Reports indicate that Balcer continues to demand that not only corrections officers but also “her” fellow inmates refer to “her” as “Andrea” instead of Andrew, as well as call “her” “Ms. Balcer” instead of Mr. Balcer.

This suggests that Balcer is still just as dangerous as “she” was out on the streets when it comes to becoming violently triggered over “her” gender confusion. If Balcer was willing to take the lives of “her” own parents for raising “her” as the boy “she” actually is, then one can only imagine the rage that might spew forth should someone in Balcer’s prison refer to “her” using incorrect gender pronouns.

The good news is that Balcer won’t have access to any sharp weaponry in prison that might allow “her” to go on a violent, gender-mania rage. The bad news is that this story highlights just how dangerous members of the LGBT mafia can be when they don’t get their way.

Cult of LGBT is a threat to normal people everywhere
LGBTers love to play the victim all the time, acting as though they constantly face the threat of being violently assaulted or killed by some “phobic” lunatic who has it out for the gender confused. In reality, it’s the Cult of LGBT that’s actually a threat to normal people everywhere who acknowledge and accept biological reality.

It’s an undeniable fact that transgenderism is a malignant mental illness that destroys a person’s understanding of reality and truth. It’s a play-pretend existence for those who suffer from it that, if it weren’t a constant, violent threat to everyone else, might simply be ignored. But the fact of the matter is that transgenderism is propagating a type of terrorism throughout society.

Back in 2015, we reported on another case of transgender violence. A gender-dysphoric reporter by the self-chosen name of “Zoey Tur” violently assaulted conservative commentator and debate expert Ben Shapiro after Shapiro discussed biological reality during an appearance he made on the now-cancelled Dr. Drew show.


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Bastards are playing with young people sanity. So far we the people are on the losing side.

If he/she/it was 17 in 2016, it would have been at least 18 years old at the time of the murder, meaning that he/she/it did not need parents permission to be a girl. So WTF Andrew/Andrea? No worries now, you can be someone's bitch everyday in prison!

clown world

A phrase used to describe the current state of affairs in regards to the world (usually socially or politically). The word is employed as to state that something is ridiculous or nonsensical, in a way, "only could this be real, in a world run by clowns (clown world)"


I think big boy is having more fun in prison being plug  a "she" as now he's everyone's butt plug fodder..... oh gee....how horrible is this to be a "female" in a male prison? Oh pretty awful considering now he's going to have to service EVERYONE!!!  A real tranny's dream come true!!!!


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