Humanity is getting more and more oppressed by the few rulers, thanks to the rapid advancement of science. These bad apples were always present during the past ages, their oppression and exploitation of the majority was limited only by their power, wealth, tools, and knowledge.

We think of technology and the advancement of sciences as blessings to our prosperity and wellbeing. If we would have access to the knowledge and technology that is really liberating and empowering then this would be true. Unfortunately this is not our reality. The gadgets serve only to create the illusion of prosperity, but they don’t grant us freedom from modern slavery. In fact they do exactly the opposite, we become addicted to the conveniences they offer, and have no other choice but to spend all our time in making money to buy the things and pay the bills…

The rulers can keep their power only as long as the majority lacks power and freedom. Their rule depends on taking away the wealth we produce and use it for the oppression and disempowerment of the population. This applies not only to money and material products, but also to intellectual products of science. Knowledge is power – says the proverb and this is true. It is only natural that the ruling class will sacrifice everything to keep key knowledge (that would really empower us) hidden from the people. We get access only to watered-down knowledge that keeps us in servitude, away from self sufficiency.

The ruler’s most efficient source of power is the creation of money from thin air through the system of fiat money, and robbing through taxation. The second is the ownership of all energy sources and selling energy to the people for exorbitant prices. If we could free ourselves from at least one of these dependencies, then we would have better lives. But if we could eliminate both of these chains we could defeat the evil rulers, and live in real freedom.

My interest is in the field of free energy. For those who are not familiar with this subject let me summarize in few sentences what is free energy. The universe if full with energy, it is present everywhere around us, even in empty space, which is really not empty but filled with a fine substance that the old scientists called ether. This ether carries all kinds of radiation which can be converted into usable energy using free energy generators or converters. These generators don’t create energy from nothing (as it might appear to the uninitiated), but they only convert it from a higher dimension to be usable in our physical world.

The knowledge of how to do this existed for many decades; even Tesla has built an electric car in the beginning of the nineteen hundreds that did not need to be charged, but extracted its energy from the ether. He also wanted to give free energy to all humanity by building a transmission tower that could transfer usable power to any point on earth without wires. His project was destroyed by the bankers who financed it as soon as they realized that this way the power could not be metered and the users could not be charged.

There have been many others who invented free energy generators after Tesla, and all of them ended up silenced, suppressed or dead. This knowledge and technology is not allowed by the rulers to reach the population because it would empower us, and free us from dependency. They would lose a huge source of income which has been turned into a weapon of suppression against us.

Despite their genius, these inventors failed to bring free energy devices to the market because their genius was applied only to the problem of making the generator, but not to the problem of bringing it to the masses. We can have free energy only if both problems are successfully solved, inventing the device, and the spreading of knowledge as well. Both of these problems appear equally impossible, but as some geniuses have already solved the first problem, there must be a solution to the second as well. We should not expect that a free energy inventor should be also an expert in inventing strategies how to bypass the suppression and bring the knowledge to the people.

This is the subject of this thread. I am looking for geniuses of strategy planning, who could invent a bullet-proof strategy about how to spread the knowledge of making free energy generators to the majority of humanity. You should be aware that the internet is monitored by the agents of the rulers, and they will read this thread as well. So if you have got a perfect plan in mind that you want to share here openly, then that should be working despite the fact that the rulers will know about it. You should also open an anonymous email address through Tor, and a new account here at also using that new email address through Tor, so that in case the agents want to trace you down, it should not be that easy. (My username morfeus has been created this way). If your strategy is very good but not that perfect to succeed if the adversary knows about it then let me know through Tor Chat (my TorChat ID at the present is v2iyfk6eyavrg24y but this may change in the future if the need arises, and I may post a new ID somewhere else).

If you are not a genius to invent such an “impossible” strategy (or at least contribute to it by some ideas and suggestions) then you can still help the cause a great deal by finding such super hackers and telling them about this epic challenge.

If you want to comment using your present (non-shielded) username, you are welcome to discuss strategies that would surely not work, and which apparently did not work in the past, and related subjects that would not attract the wrath of the agents upon yourself. If you have got a suggestion where else I should post this challenge where more qualified experts are present, please let me know.

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Greedy oil companies will never allow free energy. There's technology thats been around a very long time for free energy, cars that get incredible gas mileage,  etc. 

Of course if it will be left up to them to decide about our faith and lives, they will never allow that.

The majority of humanity are peace loving people who like to live, and let others to live. But there is a small percentage of people who are psychopathic predators by nature and/or by their upbringing and education. Their very nature is to dominate, exploit, suppress and kill others whenever they can even out of sport, or for entertainment. Surely we can not expect that they will suddenly change their nature by some miracle and become peace loving people who respect the rights of others. This will surely not happen.

But the nature teaches us and offers a solution for our problems, if we are only ready to listen and learn. Look at these photos and description and learn from the animal kingdom:

Similarly as the leopard got killed by 3 wild boars the whole of humanity can eliminate those people with predator nature if they finally manage to learn the truth, change their values, and stand up to defend themselves in unity.

People need to change their values if they want to change the state of the world, free themselves and improve their lives. The majority has been dumbed down and groomed into a world view that slavery to money and products is the only feasible way of life. In this set of values that has infected the minds through manipulated religious doctrines and social norms, real personal freedom is of very low value. People rather live their lives in utter deprivation spending their whole lives at despicable workplaces doing work they hate, than to stand up to the oppressors, and fight for freedom and even die for freedom if necessary.

We will not have real freedom as long as we value a suffering life of modern slavery more than freedom. I was always wondering why did the slaves in old day chose to live in utter suffering and shame than to die… If people would value freedom so much that they would rather die than to become the toys and property of psychopaths, then there would be no slaves, and slavery would have never existed. But by mind programming and brainwashing with mind-boggling social values and fake perception of human condition, the slaves did not only accept such despicable existence for themselves, but also made children to perpetuate the system.

The other mind virus that keeps us in bondage is the separation of egos. Everybody feels himself separate and independent of others, which breeds utter selfishness, egoism, and indifference towards the suffering of others. When a tough starts beating a man on the street the crowd looks the other way because they are afraid to help, because they don’t feel compassion (the victim is another man who is not me, we are separated, nothing in common, no shared interest etc.). If only 2-3 other man would go and help the victim the tough would be shocked and overcome with not much difficulty. If this mentality would be part of the culture and such set of values imbibed from childhood, then the toughs would learn that they can not attack another without being hurt themselves. This would eliminate the majority of aggressors from the society.

To give you a practical example of what I am talking about, consider the mind virus built into the Christian religion which was put into the mouth of Jesus. According to this brainwashing:

 “If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also”

This creates a chain in your mind that binds you to a pole in the prison, an inhibition that paralyzes you when the aggressor attacks you, or when the psychopaths extort money, work, obedience etc. from you. Those who accept and cherish such mind viruses become spiritual invalids, handicapped in protecting themselves and others. But what is even worse is that by not opposing the aggressor, by not protecting at least yourself, you are committing a crime against the society as a whole, because you are actively supporting the aggressor. Whenever the aggressor meets no resistance and incurs no damage to himself he will gain strength, become more and more powerful, and his demonic nature will eventually suppress everyone he can.

Such mind viruses are not unique to Christian religion; they are present in all religions, because they all have been established or corrupted with the purpose of dis-empowering and enslaving humanity from inside their minds.

I reject the wording in your basic premise.  Science is the methodology used in the pursuit of truth.  Technology gives us gadgets.  The current gatekeepers of technology and knowledge are not any part of science.  The fact that these oligarchs claim the word, 'science' and the institutions of scientific establishment and peer review does not make it so.

As to energy...  We have had sufficient energy since the 1950's.  Geothermal works everywhere.  Pick any spot on the planet, dig down deep enough, you will hit 'hot'.  The only obstacles are political and engineering.  Engineering obstacles simply require engineers, money and time.  We have not had anything close to the investment in geothermal that we have had in oil.

Setting aside geothermal, we have recently discovered viable fusion (and/or fission) thanks to Dr. Bussard and his Polywell device.  While the initial experiments were conducted using hydrogen undergoing fusion, Dr. Bussard's goal was to use boron which can undergo fission yielding zero net neutrons.

Despite his success, the technology remains untapped. 

youtube search:
Should Google Go Nuclear? Clean, cheap, nuclear power



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