On radio this morning, Glenn lifted the moratorium on saying President Obama’s name in order to cover a new music video that has gone viral in Egypt called “You Obama, Your Father, Mother.” The nearly four and half minute video features performer Sama Elmasry brandishing a sword next to a photo of the President, as well as photoshopped images of Obama dressed as Osama bin Laden and as a baby in diapers

“Okay, we’re going to lift our ban on the use of the president’s name because this one’s going to be enjoyable for about 15 minutes,” Glenn said. “The [new] song that is out in Egypt is all about the president. This one you’ll love.”

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I like that video, and I like that sassy Egyptian lady!  Obama Fuck you. Couldn't have said it better myself.  Like the photo of that sack of dog shit McCain too.  By the way, google "McCain collaborator" and see what real POW's have to say about that filthy traitor.

Freaky chick Chip;)!

I guess their not buying the BS

Glen says, you need life lock!

Boy howdy. She speaks the truth.

                   Glen Beck, 2016;)!

Awesome!  I hope this goes viral worldwide!  Good find Chip and thanks for sharing!

"Walk like an Egyptian"!  <from the song> Yeah!

Some of the translation was bowdlerized I'm sure.  The "Obama your father your mother for instance, I'll bet that meant "fuck your father and your mother". 

And by the way who is this "Obama" faggot manchurian candidate with no birth certificate and no paper trail and no history's father?   Barry Soetoro alias "Barak Hussein Obama", Barry Dunham, etc. looks nothing at all like its alleged Luo Tribe (!) daddy, but he-she's the spitting image of Malcolm f'ing X! 

And by the way, in case you didn't know it, the Obamamama was CIA and the ho was in Africa at the same times as Malcolm X, and little Barry's step dad, who used the original alias Obama, was the CIA's man in Indonesia.  This manchurian candidate that was trotted out of nowhere a few years ago was groomed to be president by the puppetmasters before it was even born!


I enjoyed it as well I'm glad you did too.


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