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WATCH: Antifa Goons Assault an Elderly Woman, Then Laugh at Her during Yesterday's Free Speech March in Portland



One Trump supporter wearing an American flag helmet was the only one who seems to care about the elderly woman’s well-being.



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Nothing but pussy-men in America. If Antifa wants anarchy, they can face me as I mow them down with automatic weapon fire and flamethrowers. Then they will beg for the police and ambulances as they die rapidly.

0:34 - Oh look, it's a stereotypical ugly SJW female in problem glasses laughing at an elderly woman being knocked over.

When ANTIFA and co, push people to the point where lead starts flying downrange, I will shed no tears.

Antifa has never pushed me at all. When they do, even just make physical contact, lead will fly and they will be left dead on the sidewalk. It is that simple.

Its because little girls and old woman is all they can take on, in a real war these punks would last about 10 min. tops, and the bodes would be stacked like wood.



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...

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