There are the similarities with many countries butchered by Banksters over the years.

  Info on Tax & ATO and more ...                                                                       first issued June, 2006

I prepared these Notes to be used in conjunction with a 79-page booklet by one Darryl O’Bryan of Victoria for CLRG (Melb.)

PREFACE TO THIS COMPILATION :    (Preface prepared by the John Warren Patchett   in Adelaide) 

All these points are factual, so can be researched by any reader.  All points were tested at the most senior levels in Australian parliamentary libraries, HCA and other federal and state courts, and bureaucracies.  All points have been accepted to be without mistake. 

This small book shows three basic facts :  planned government Duplicity,  Illegality and massive fraud

Realise that :

  1. There is a very significant difference between lawful and legal. Lawful is law properly established under a nation’s Constitution and is binding on ALL who are a resident of, or a visitor in, that nation : whereas legal is the lowest form of ‘law’ ranking the same as the by-laws of any corporation and local Club.  Legislation can be established as an internal policy or procedural document for a corporation or Club, but it is binding only upon those who voluntarily, or in ignorance choose to be obedient to those by-laws called legislation.   Also, legislation is always binding upon those who can be tricked into some form of “invisible contract” or, of course, legislation is binding upon the employees and contractors of the corporation. 
  2. In Australia’s case the original Constitution and the parcel of Imperial* laws that came with it and all being fully adopted by the lawfully established federal parliament are still in place for the real Commonwealth of Australia. BUT they are all set aside, fully able to be re-instated as the Law of this once Christian nation.  However, by certain contrivances by lawyer-politicians and their Masters whose personal allegiance was not to this nation or to its living Queen, a complex of secret deals and under-publicised, un-Godly legal arrangements, some called ‘treaties’, have been entered into by the owners and officials of the political compacts / parties operating on this land – thus those pieces of legislation are, in strict law, only binding upon those who willing serve or can be tricked into serving, those corporations.  All the debts knowingly incurred by those living people who serve the foreign political parties and other societies are, in strict law, the debts only of those people.  They are not a lawful debt of the population at large.    

 [* Imperial Law is often deliberately misconstrued for public consumption – as meaning the law under an Imperial Monarch.  But the real meaning is, or includes, the freedom to own land and own the means of production – property ownership in general.   All property ownership has been removed under Fascist ALP legal initiatives – and not removed by others.]              

  1. The legal, definitely NOT lawful, conversion of this nation from its Constitutional basis to a series of private, foreign-owned corporations, each having its own hidden constitution unknown by the population, under (eventually) the Crown Corporation City of London (“the City”) was stopped when Whitlam was sacked in 1975. But, undaunted, the ALP resumed that secretive process, with vigour once the ALP under R J L Hawke was ‘elected’ into power in 1983.  And most of the fascist / socialist endeavours were achieved by 1986.  
  2. In 1986, HRH, Queen Elizabeth II, visited this land, but was aware that it was legally a different nation. She had no lawful influence under the legislation enacted by the Fascists.  Further, in a grotesque charade, Hawke as PM, required HRH to read aloud in the parliament assembled (both Houses together) a quite treasonous piece of legislation known as The Australia Act 1986.   Queen Elizabeth did read the Bill as required, but refused to authorise it as law.  She did mark the front page with her stylised ‘ Ʃ’ that shows only that she had read it.   After she left this land, the arch Fascist and traitor, ‘Bob’ Hawke signed his own Bill as Queen of Australia.   On at least three separate occasions since then, in judgments, the High Court of Australia has ruled that all of the so-called Australia Acts are ultra vires -  no law at all, and have no requirement of obedience.   Therefore, no Australia Act can be used as a Head of Power : ergo, no legislation that relies upon any Australia Act can have any validity at all – unless the parties appear to agree to abide by one or other of them (knowingly or unknowingly.  There is a major section in this small compilation on this very issue.   
  3. Since, or about 1974 (40 years – a Biblical generation) consequent upon secretive changes introduced by that arch-Fascist / Socialist, lawyer-politician G. Whitlam, et-al, all living and many deceased people were recreated as legal persons – and not just once, but several times each.  These artificial entities are known in the legal jargon as Ens-legis, or in the US as ‘Strawman’  The legal definition of ‘person’ is a corporation, a fiction of the law, a dead-in-law entity. (see inter-alia, Blacks Law Dictionary).   Each of the artificial entities had to be given a number, as are all companies / corporations (an ACN and  / or an  ABN) so the legal person gets a remarkably similar TFN (Tax File Number) and a SSN (Social Security Number).  

Note 1 :  recall that at school most of us were taught that living creatures are recognised .. whereas all dead things get IDENTIFIED.  Hence, when you (as a living man or woman) are ‘requested’ to show some form of ID, that is a trap to secure, by the corporation requesting the showing of the ID, your unwitting agreement to act as if you are that dead entity, and  do stand as guarantor for all claims the corporation will make against it – and are therefore actually liable under their legislation   

Note 2 :  In normal English expression the plural form for multiple or a group of men or women is people ...  whereas, in legal speak, the plural / multiple for person is persons.   (Notice, as one example, that the police spokesperson will only ever refer to activity involving other persons).  

  1. In or about 1973, by whim or fancy, E G Whitlam with his deputy, Lance Barnard, arbitrarily established a new corporation quite separate from the lawful Treasury. That corporation is known as the Australian Taxation Office.  The ATO was never debated in any parliament;  never subject to any legislation to authorise its creation ; never approved by a Chief Justice, nor correctly signed off by the Governor-General, nor was it Gazetted  as is required by all formal law and / or legislation.   The ATO is now, and always has been an illegal organisation – in exactly the same way as are the so-called ‘Bikie gangs’ that are being harassed by the various govern-ments.  This fact has been openly entered into sworn evidence in Supreme courts and shown in writing on ATO letterhead papers.  One example follows .... p 4.  
  2. Australia is the trading name of a corporation long registered with the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) under several titles, one of which is : The Commonwealth of Australia (Trading) Corp.,  CIK 0000805157 / trading as “Australia”  (lookup  as a start point. 

Note too, all the national & State Coats of Arms have long been registered trade-marks of that corporation.

 These ABNs are a small selection of corporations : 

Governor General   ..............................   47 065 634 525

Governor of SA (not South Australia) ..      65 528 840 245

Office of Governor (QLD)  ...................    19 108 283 540

Office of Governor (VIC)  .....................   39 481 796 354

Office of Governor (TAS)  .....................   57 079 680 866

State Govt of WA (Not Western Australia)  66 012 878 629

Dept of The Treasury (C’th)  ................     92 802 414 793

Australian Taxation Office * ................    51 824 753 556

High Court of Australia  .......................    69 445 188 986

Dept of Defence (C’th)  ........................   68 706 814 312

QLD Police Service  ..............................   29 409 225 509

[* ATO is not shown in ASIC’s public register .. why??]

Senate and House of Representatives – plus ALL state parliamentary Houses are also registered corporations.


















Note : True government under a Constitution, owned by the people, is always free of cost to the owners (the people) , but as you have no doubt noticed, all corpor-ations copyright their forms and other ‘services, hence can and do charge for their use – and charge `going out and coming in!   Those fees and charges have nothing to do with the actual costs. 

  1. Bear in mind, too, that this deceitful behaviour by the ALP and all other political parties since 1933 is not the only major deceit and ongoing deception of the people of this land and nation. From September 1933, by a massive fraudulent exercise, the federal government of The Commonwealth of Australia, was secretly declared ‘bankrupt’ by the private owners of the Bank of England – entirely claimed to be so, because of the historic banking arrangement by the Australian federal government with Britain.  Keep in mind this nation had been a recognised independent nation since 1919.  

In 1933 the federal parliament , knowing that the federal government has no lawful capacity to create money had to turn to the States, in secret, to get the States, jointly and severally, to act as guarantor for the Commonwealth’s debt.  The States secretly pledged the credit-worthiness of all their populations then and into the future as surety and guarantor for all commonwealth debts!   Only living people can be credit-worthy!   This is much the same as a parent standing guarantor for a debt of a child.  

Incidentally, the form of bankruptcy is still in place.  That is a re-organisational form requiring an Administrator be appointed.  The Administrator is, believe it or not, the corporate federal ‘government’, acting via the privately owned Reserve Bank of Australia.    

  1. Because of that fraudulent bankruptcy all taxes save those on business profits which are lawful (Constitutional) are actually a legal impost by the Trustee and get paid directly to the ATO which transfers the values to the Reserve Bank (RBA) which, in turn transfers the values to the owner / Trustees of the bankruptcy – the Bank of England accumulated every 48 hours. Under historic International Law personal Income Tax is unlawful .. so in that you see another example of a difference between lawful and legal.  Legal is usually the opposite from lawful. 

It is a blatant lie that our taxes are used to run the country!  Only excise, customs duties and taxes on business profits can be used for those purposes.  But, since, or about, 1973-74, the successive corporations called ‘governments’ have used the undeclared returns from the Cestui que  & / or Cestui que Vie Trusts created by and since the Whitlam-led ‘government’.  These trusts are explained in other papers, however, briefly, every new-born baby, every migrant, or illegal-entry person gets several negotiable Bonds raised against their name, but in secret, by the various state corporate governments - and those Bonds are sold into the world Bond Markets (through Austraclear, Sydney, to Standard & Poors, New York – which issues the so-called credit rating that, in turn, determines the interest rate the owner-trustees of the Bank of England charge the states and federal corporation on the alleged debt for that year) to raise funds for the Trustees.  Of course, the valuable commodity on those Bonds, the utterly unaware living host, earns BIG money every year - all kept by the state as Trustee without disclosure to the actual owners of the Bonds, i.e., us, the living people.      

  1. In the pages following are many references to various old laws (Acts) and pieces of post-1973 legislation, also called Acts (to maintain the fraud and illusions).  It should be noted that any law or legislation prior to 1973 that makes reference to ‘the Queen’ will almost certainly mean the living Monarch.   However, be alert to realise that all references to a Queen in Instruments enacted after April 1973, will refer to a legal fiction, a created entity called Queen in right of their secret corporation.    Across the land, all relevant laws were quietly converted without parliamentary debate being disguised as “to update the language” to remove all references to the living Queen, and Monarch and Crown in that context – replacing all such references to ‘a state’, or ‘the Crown’ meaning the Crown Corporation City of London.  
  2. In or about 1995, the Fascist / socialist ALP (Keating, PM) agreed to abide by a ‘directive’ from the banker-owned political construct known as the United Nations Organisation that it, the UN, would henceforth be the source of the sovereignty for all UN member states (all are corporations).  Since then this corporate conglomerate called Australia has been actually governed from the UN.   Further, the UN has had their puppets in all parliaments install by stealth the essential legislation to facilitate the declaration of their “republic” which, according  to that arch Fascist / socialist, R J L Hawke, is ready to go – and will be publicly announced within hours of the news that HRH, Queen  Elizabeth II has died.  He was heard to say when on TV,  they [quote] “... won’t need any referendum – all the slaves don’t count!” [unquote].   Much more detail is available, of course, from the few people who make a point of studying the times in which we live.  


In the text relating to the Australia Acts (pages 57 – on) are a few ‘legal’ words rarely used in normal conversation.  These few definitions are from Black’s Law Dictionary 8th ed, (2004)  

Nugatory :  adj. Of no force or effect; useless; invalid <the Supreme Court rendered the statute nugatory by declaring it unconstitutional>. 

Indiscerptible : adj. Not able to be divided into parts.  Similar to, but not to be confused with Comingle / Commingle .  

commingle, vb.1. To put together (as funds or property) into one mass, as by mixing together a spouse's separate property with marital or community property, or mixing together the separate property of both spouses. 2. (Of a fiduciary) to mix personal funds with those of a beneficiary or client.   

commingling , n. A mixing together; esp., a fiduciary's mixing of personal funds with those of a beneficiary or client. • Commingling is usu. considered a breach of the fiduciary relationship. Under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, a lawyer is prohibited from commingling personal funds with those of a client.

Abscission – an act of separation, of cutting off.   

Nidus – a cavity or nest of spiders, a focus of infection. 

Virent –  fresh, to be green. 

Grundnorm – a basic norm (of a society).

Ipso facto – by the very nature of the situation, by the fact itself. 

Autocephalous – immediately indicating the head.  

Encintured – to gird or encompass with, as a belt  or girdle.   

Obversely -  [obverse = front or first Cf  reverse = back or later] 

Constating – verification, asserting

Fortiori – with stronger reason, much more, a term used in argument to the effect that because one ascertained fact exists, therefore another which is included within it, or analogous to it, and which is less improbable, unusual, or surprising, must also exist.     

ignis fatuus, - another name for [a] will-o-the-wisp :   fatuum =  foolish

Void ab initio – void from the beginning, from the first act, entirely, as to all acts done.    


 [ JWP adds – Astute Readers may now see from these ‘co-incidental’ legal definitions for indiscerptible and commingle (about the inseparable condition absolutely established between the United Kingdom and the true Commonwealth of Australia under the Imperial laws and Monarch’s Coronation Oath - The Coronation Oath Act 1688 (1 Will & Mary c 6)) and also of the treatment by these dishonourable persons and their active men and women of the revenues earned by the creditworthiness of the individual living men and women in whose stead the various Bonds were raised and all moneys kept both secret and misappropriated by them for the advantage of the political compacts .. and not for the land, the nation or the populations.  However, as is seen in the legal definition for Commingle – the so-called government and its individual officials each have a Fiduciary duty as Trustee and as the holder of any public office – thus is exposed as personally liable to prosecution for at least complicity in this deception and the commingling of the funds derived from the Bonds in the open markets.  Readers should also be aware that the so-called Nuremberg Defence* cannot be used in any court.  Further, once bullion-backed money is reintroduced in this land Constitutional Law is also automatically reintroduced.  That means the ancient Bible-based British common law again applies – under which all are presumed innocent until proved guilty.  However, rather less well known is that under the same common law, no-one has any immunity. ]  

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