WOW! What a Freak Show – Heckler Totally Hijacks Obama Rally – Gets Dragged Out By Police (Video)

A Pro-Life protester totally hijacked Barry’s rally in Cincinnati on Sunday.
The heckler pulled out an abortion poster and started screaming for several minutes until the police came in and dragged him out.
The videographer yells “Get his ass!”

Barry was totally thrown off his game… Too bad Bubba wasn’t there to bail him out.


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Dumb ass people cheering for their own enslavement. What a sad commentary on where we are at as a society.

ya, probably was recording it on her free Obama Fone ;)

The term "pro-life" is a hypocritic lie! They are "anti-abortion". These same people are almost always pro-war and pro-death-penalty. They do not agree that GOD's Commandment should read, "Thou shall not kill" (King James Version [KJV]). Because of their agenda of wanting to kill when they desire, they've changed the wording to "Do not murder", i.e. New International Version (NIV).



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