Terminally Sick People Cut Off Welfare & Benefits- U.K Government Employ 'ATOS' to Assess and Fail The Majority

The process of claiming a simple sickness benefit in the U.K is now made incredibly difficult, with new legislation in place that ignores specific disabilities. 

The U.K Government have 4 different departments that deal with your ESA claim- not just one...and all involved with ESA claims are trying to reduce the number of ESA claimants by any way possible by ignoring specific disabilities. 

Rather than write the 8-page investigation into the U.K welfare benefit called 'Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) , I have added the file  'ESA Claim Process, D.W.P, ATOS, Tribunals below this paragraph. 



ESA-Claim Process,D.W.P, ATOS, Tribunals.pdf


Examples of Government neglect and discrimination, as listed in the .pdf above:-

U.K Government Cut Cancer Sufferers Off Benefits-

There's plenty more examples- just go to Google and search  'Atos find cancer patient fit for work...'

The link above is a BBC News article of a poor lady who fought a campaign to have her benefits re-instated, just to die a few weeks after she won.  She should have never died in such misery, fighting for her life and money that she should have automatically received.  But this is Britain, home of evil policy makers, heartless politicians who laugh wide and loud on television as if everything is hunky-dory- but it isn't so funny or a laugh for the sick, vulnerable and elderly.

ATOS- French company employed by U.K Govt to assess people for sickness benefits- Former Employee Speaks Out:-
http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/atos-scandal-benefi...  -

This is about the deliberate manipulation by ATOS, the agency employed to make sure very few people are ever passed the medical examination for ESA benefits or disabilities benefits - and a cancer survivor tells how she is coping with two kids after being medically examined by ATOS and considered to be 'fit for work' even when she had cancer.
'Sometimes I wish my cancer had killed me...'  the lady says.

Brian McArdle:- A man paralyzed down one side of his body, blind in one eye, unable to speak - but ATOS find him 'fit for work' and the D.W.P cut his benefits off completely.  The day after he lost his benefits he died of heart-attack.

There is now a 20% cut to pensions- millions of retirees will be affected.
As you could imagine, many pensioners will also naturally become sick and aquire serious medical conditions, and will require more medical attention. Cutting pensions will hurt them as much as the ESA and disabilities cuts are hurting the sick and vulnerable.

David Cameron and his Government really don't want Britain to learn about how ATOS make millions of pounds by taking money from cancer sufferers and pensioners. The country needs to know, and be aware of the nasty, deliberately evil, sour & bastardly neglect that the DWP and ATOS are guilty of.

It's now Government policy to take benefits away from the most vulnerable in society which causes more pain and anguish on top of the incredible amount of stress caused to those people who are slowly dying, and to those who worked all their life to be financially ruined in retirement.

Government has been secretely involved in the most low of low acts- taking money away from cancer sufferers.  Something stinks at the heart of British politics, and only a fierce demonstration of protestor power will make them see sense.  Roughly 30 people per week die while waiting for a decision on their benefits or being told they are 'fit for work' when they are terminally ill and dying...

Here is the link to ATOS locations in the U.K


by Russell S.Wyllie

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