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Google, Facebook & DARPA - The Transhumanist Agenda - David Icke 2017

Google, Facebook & DARPA - The Transhumanist Agenda - David Icke 2017


Published on Apr 6, 2017

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David Icke on location at Silicon Valley, California. David reports from the Singularity University, Google HQ & Facebook HQ. In this Report David explains how the agenda to introduce transhumanism is being carried out through the development of wearable (Google Glass, Smart Watches etc) and implantable technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet algorithms and robotics (DARPA, Boston Dynamics).

David talks about the public faces of the transhumanist agenda, Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and others & what the ultimate outcome of this Illuminati, New World Order, Cabal plan is.

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DTOM: The following YouTube comment was posted just before I watched the video above; it sums up exactly what I have been thinking myself for a long time.

 I only wish we could win this through higher thoughts, rising our vibration, meditating, non-violence, speaking and opting out - only problem is that I have been doing that for 20 years, people are waking up, but I am not convinced it will be enough - I am glad that I prepared for the worst case scenario...although I am convinced, that even that won't be enough.

I hope I am wrong.



David Icke is a hero, but I disagree with his conclusions as to what to do.
He says do your own thing, raise your vibe, don't acknowledge the system's authority, etc Dont comply.
This would be perfect if everyone did it, but they won't. The average person doesn't have the capacity to think and decide for his/herself, and often doesn't want to either. They respond to what is popular or what other people will agree with etc The average person will never become a free-thinking individual and doesn't want to.
So if we try and all "do our thing" and awake ourselves, there will always be a big block of people enslaved to the Google glass etc and so the strategy will TOTALLY FAIL on the whole.
David's approach will never reach the majority of people, so it won't work olas a strategy. The bad guys know this and they have been interfering in culture for decades with the purpose of creating a youth that is "awakened" etc and this not a threat to them.
What IS a threat to them is people who are sober, political, driven, aggressive, combative, can fight dirty etc and who want to put pressure on them and the culture and take them down.
What I'm saying is: if the elites could choose between having 100 "awakened" people doing their own thing, and 100 driven and aggressive and political investigative journalist types, they would 100% choose the first option. In fact, it looks like they were doling out free acid in the 60s, and other similar measures, to achieve the former youth culture and not the latter.
What they fear is a generation of Andrew Breitbarts, Michael Hastings, whoever... Who are going through their shit and have a platform and have specific targets and are looking to expose specific people and institutions. <--- This is a lot of hassle for the social engineers. A load of awakened people doing there own thing is NOT. Because the core of the culture will go unchallenged, and the average person will will never, and doesn't want to, think for his/herself will still be along with the plan.
If we don't disrupt the culture, by challenging it directly and putting pressure on it, we won't force it to change, and we won't influence those who are permanently enthralled in the dominant culture. If we are more like the latter person I described, i.e. aggressive and intent on causing a ruckus in the mainstream culture, we can actually change things, and make the bad guys slow down, mess up and make mistakes.
The elite are not scared of a bunch of people who are "awakened" and have opted out of the culture. That id what they want. What they fear is people who are political and out to mess with the culture.



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