Pay-By-Plate, bridge and tunnel surveillance cameras, spy on everyone

Nov 7 2015

Pay-By-Plate, bridge and tunnel surveillance cameras, spy on everyone

image credit: Boston Globe

For years now, DHS and law enforcement have been reassuring the public that they are not using Pay-By-Plate (PBP) gantries to spy on everyone.

Should you believe them?

As you will see, the answer is a resounding no.

Last year, I revealed that DHS is using PBP gantries to create a national a national 'Hotlist'.

What are "Hotlists"?

The Cincinnati Police Departments', "Success in Automated License Plate Recognition Technology" report reveals what "Hotlists" actually mean.
As you can see, 'Hotlists' can mean any number of things and rest assured the number of things that a person can be 'Hotlisted' for will continue to grow. (Click here to find out how DHS and AECOM Technology use PBP to spy on everyone.)

Unfortunately police 'Hotlists' are a small part of a much larger surveillance program.

In 2014 the Washington Post warned Americans that DHS was setting up a national license plate tracking system

If you thought that was bad, just wait, things get worse.

A 2014 article in Bloomberg News, revealed that the IRS and US Forest Service awarded license plate reader company Vigilant Solutions a $415,000 contract.

"The IRS, the US Forest Service and the Air Force’s Air Combat Comm...

Why would the IRS and the Forest Service need PBP's? 

Police use PBP to spy on parking lots and universities

Is DHS using PBP to spy on people in parking lots and public streets?

Cities and universities across the country are using Cale Group's PBP cameras to spy on everyone.

It is the same tired old story, law enforcement claims PBP is about public safety but when one digs a little deeper the truth is apparent.

PBP is all about money and surveillance.

"Cale enables you to manage staff more efficiently and helps ensure parking transactions are maximized. Cale Enforcement can be integrated with all other Cale parking solutions to further generate, enforcement-based revenues."

A recent Binghamton University article warns that PBP will eliminate the need for parking decals because their police will scan every vehicle.

Unfortunately, law enforcement has more surveillance devices at their disposal

Police use bridge and tunnel facial recognition cameras to spy on everyone

For years now, DHS has been installing 'Remote Video Surveillance Systems' (RVSS) on bridges and tunnels. Earlier this year, an article in AOL, revealed that New York City is installing RVSS facial recognition cameras at all their bridges and tunnels.

"The plan calls for the installation of cameras equipped with advan...

As the never-ending war on terror becomes a war on everyone's privacy, we can expect to see facial recognition RVSS cameras being installed across the country.

DHS and law enforcement have one more tool to spy on everyone.

Police use DHS's 'SkyWatch' towers to spy on everyone

Police across the country are also using 'SkyWatch' towers to spy on innocent Americans.

'SkyWatch' is actually made my FLIR and provided to police departments by DHS grants. FLIR just unveiled their second generation mobile surveillance Sky Watch tower at this years International Association of Chiefs of Police convention.

As you can see, DHS and law enforcement are using PBP and numerous other surveillance systems to spy on everyone. 

Welcome to police state America, where one surveillance system is never enough.
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