Any one knows fill us in :)

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TommyD, missing you brother. :)

TommyD, where you been?  Here's Tommy C.  We misss you!

maybe...? wtf Tommy D, where you be?

Wish I had a clue.  I guess He's missing?

Missing You : (

Tinkerbell Scrap For OrkutNever Give UpMiss you Tommy D;)

Tommy give us a sign of life so we know youre alright.! ALL THE BEST !!!! PZ

I am guessing at this point he isn't coming back, have heard he is around and ok though. 

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well, another of our over 100 groups sits idle...what shall we do? delete it?

Tommy, still curious where you have gone. We  cant fix what we don't know is broken, so have at it here

if your absence is site related...cheers.

Well, if you delete this group, wouldn't you have to delete the remaining 99 that are sitting idle too? Maybe Tommy will come around soon. I sure hope so! I happen to like this group... a lot! There's only a few groups that focus more on the lighter side of life as it is. Maybe I'll have to step in and take over this group. All I know is the world needs a lot more love right now and the transmittance and message of love is of great importance.

I wouldn't delete this group. I think this group came at a good time and was very inspiring for some. I know it boosted my spirits and helped me grow if only in a small way.

Last I heard Tommy was lost in a computer game he was playing lol. Gotta love that.

Ok, I wont delete it.  I guess I should be glad he didn't start more groups, or should I say, that I didn't approve any more from TD.:) New groups my pet peeve, I really hate to approve even a single new one actually.

There is the chuckle hut and a few more I think left by Tommyd  that are leaderless too. Volunteers?

I guess the issue for me in addition to above, is more on new members (or long lost former members) starting groups. Perhaps you should be a member for more than a month or two  before starting groups??



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