9/11 Methodical Illusion -Airline Flight Attendant Reveals What Really Happened On 9/11

Dan Bidondi interviews Former Airline Flight Attendant Rebekah Roth who is now a Author of "Methodical Illusion" a book that reveals untold information never told before about the Government False Flag attack on September 11th, 2001


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Methodical Illusion Series w/Rebekah Roth Pt.1

Wow, great interview.

Great interview and expansion on 9/11 by Rebekah!

Hope 12160 don' mind, I reposted the link to Google Plus "Conversations".

Inneresting points Rebekah goes to about the occupants in the buildings hit, the investigations on at the time, into Enron, and the SEC's work, etc.

So much behind the event, as to the US$billions of gold disappearing the day before, insurance policies taken out beneficiaries being the corporations, rah rah rah.

It's always annoyed me that we hear naught about the occupants on the top floors of the WTC, come the event.  Described soon after, as the most evil corp's on earth.  "Lazards" one, mentioned in the 1970s in "Drugs Inc., Boston bankers and Soviet Commissars", as not-nice assholes.  Wall St., brokers, and traders, etc.

I'll never figure who is the worst out of those hit and the "hitters", come to those in the WTC top floors, and the jewish ["Rothschilds"] bankers.  Doesn't really matter, they're all fucking crazy and basically money-grubbing evil bastards.

Have weeks when the whole 9/11 thing gets too hard to go over or hear about again.  But this video was from a fresh voice, carrying no baggage, as-it-were [no pun intended], and so easy to listen to.

Good job!

We can raise to glass or tinny [can o' beer] when the arrest warrants are publicly issued against Cheney and Rothschild and covens.

I just ordered her book, can't wait to read it.


#1 best seller Amazon 2014 

the NeoCon j00's Dam is a breaking, and the truth is flooding in on these evil weasel bastiches, I'm just worried these priks are gonna set off something huge really soon (such as her "May" warnings) before We can finally expose the biggest Lie in America

New Year's Update from Rebekah Roth

oh, this one has a heart nikki...a gawd damn stolen one from some poor serf...

thats another story within itself ;)

The Methodical Illusion of 9 11 January 29, 2015



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