I talk a lot about protecting yourself and your family by hiding the fact that you are taking intelligent steps to prepare breakdowns in civil order.  Keeping food storage, camping gear, and firearms out of sight are all smart and necessary steps to take.

But what happens if you still end up being the target of violence?  If you believe in defending yourself from lethal threats with firearms, will you always be able to get to it and use it in time?  Sometimes you have to fight JUST to get to your weapons.

What if you are in DC, Chicago, at the Post Office, out of the country, at court, at the gym, having a drink with friends, on an airplane, or simply at home in the shower or wrestling with kids/grandkids?

Heck, you might even get off one shot only to have your firearm not cycle properly because of getting caught up in clothes and be forced to switch to using your hands.

Or, being that it’s the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, what if you and your empty hands are all that’s standing between a terrorist or active shooter and their goal of maximum tragedy?

In short, you really need to have the ability to take out an attacker just as fast with your bare hands as if you had your firearm or any other weapon in your hand–regardless of your size, age, strength, or speed.

That’s why, for almost 16 years, I’ve been using Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training as part of my personal armed and unarmed combattives training.

Tim’s got a very special offer for my readers this week that’s WAY less than anything I’ve been able to offer you before.  You can go right to it >HERE< or keep reading.

This isn’t “martial arts” or “sport fighting.”  There’s nothing pretty or artistic about it.  It is simply a raw, proven system for quickly turning off the lights of a violent attacker.  In fact, most martial arts schools, self defense schools and mixed martial arts competitions have outlawed almost every technique that Tim teaches.

Why outlaw techniques that work?

Continue reading: http://survivethecomingcollapse.com/226/targetfocu/

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