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The anonymous film shows a masked figure in a black monk's cowl perform a number of eerie  gestures in a derelict building as weird droning sound is heard.

The distorted black and white footage and soundtrack is unsettling – but when the symbols are analysed things start to get REALLY scary.

Hidden messages give the GPS co-ordinates of the White House, contain graphic images of a woman being tortured and warn: "You have 1 year or less."

A Venetian carnival maskGETTY NOSEY: The figure's mask looks like ones used in the Venice carnival

The video's catchy title – 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 – is binary code.

When converted to letters it spells out muetre – Spanish for DEATH.

A description of the video – which was posted on Youtube and sent to a Swedish tech blog in a DVD also containing SATANIC imagery – is also in binary code.

When deciphered it translates as: "You have 1 year or less".

A still from the videoYOUTUBE

OMINOUS: This image – like a crucifixion – is only revealed when the video is paused

Barack ObamaGETTY PRESIDENT: Barack Obama may be the target of the creepy video

The haunting audio track appears to be nothing but white noise.

But when the screeching sound is represented visually it reveals an image of a woman being tied up or tortured and the chilling message: "You are already dead."

When the audio from the DVD's main menu is similarly displayed – using a spectrogram – it uncovers a picture of a skull.

GETTY COMMAND CENTRE: The White House, home of the President of the US

A spectrogramIG THREAT: The video audio reveals a death threat

A spectogramIG SPECTROGRAM: Visual representation of the audio reveals chilling images

“At worst, its a terrorist threat or the work of some killer.”

A Reddit user

Frame-by-frame analysis of the footage unearths morse code and a set of numbers.

The the numbers are the GPS co-ordinates for the White House and the morse code spells outREDLIPSLIKETENTH – an anagram of "kill the president".

Other symbols from the bizarre video – including the figure's body movements – are yet to be decoded.

The video has been uploaded to Youtube a number of times.

User AETBX – who uploaded the oldest version – denies making it and told a tech blog a female friend found a disc containing the video in a park.

The DVD sent to the Swedish blog was reportedly sent from a Polish address.

Some netizens have suggested it is a promo for a video game – but others believe it is the work of a mass murderer.

Garindan from Star WarsSTAR WARS

LOOKALIKE: The figure also looks like Garindan from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

One Reddit user wrote: "I don’t think its a promo, like I did at first.

"In the spectrogram there are clearly images of women being tortured.

"At best its some weird hacker shit or a terrible decision by some PR company.

"At worst, its a terrorist threat or the work of some killer."

Daily Star

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