More people bailing out of Facebook; is a FB collapse imminent?

More people bailing out of Facebook; is a FB collapse imminent?


Facebook caught on fast and furious to become the premier social networking platform in the world. In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg, depicted in the movie “The Social Network” as a brash Harvard sophomore who cared not about others’ thoughts and/or feelings, started a social networking interface called Facemash.

Facemash was initially for Harvard students. It’s name soon morphed into TheFacebook. Mark inspired technical help and financing from three other Harvard students who eventually sued him after TheFacebook became simply Facebook and went well beyond Harvard’s campus with investors’ money attached.

Zuckerberg settled with those other three students. Everyone made money, especially Mark. As Facebook’s popularity grew, other dot-com groups and individuals started buying shares at high prices, raising Facebook’s value. Then Mark started selling shares of Facebook publicly in 2012.

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We can only hope....then get the lost sheep over to here for a rude awakening ;)

Yes, we can only hope but remember who was the one to tout around that word 'hope'? My belief is there is little hope for any change when many are stuck in a silly illusion... either of Obama's hope of 'Yes we can', not knowing what the can was to begin with (the can being kicked to the fool who believes it) or the hope that most on FB will see the light of day and get the fridge off that Orweillian site. Damn... I'm feeling a bit hopeless right now ;)


There were a couple reasons why I quit Facebook.

1. It was publicized that CIA and other law enforcement groups were gleaning information from accounts.

2.Zuckenberg called his clients a bunch of "dumb f#cks.

That was the straw that broke the camels back.My wife deleted her account her account too.

I don't understand why anyone would want to use a service that thinks that of their clients.

People should send the or the Register site posted here to everyone one they know that uses facebook or better you, use it as part of your e-mail signature. We can't ignore these kinds of verbal assaults anymore while society becomes more unravelled every day.

I never had a face book / Base fook account so I cannot close it.



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