The Man Behind An Encrypted Network That Will Take Down Facebook-VIDEO

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the CEO and one of many people behind a new opensource encrypted social network that many are saying will destroy facebook.

The new social network took off and gained popularity when anonymous groups started to endorse it.

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Putin_loves_cats Who put up the dough for That is a premium domain, and can cost you from $10k to $500k? I'm not buying it. I wanna see FB fail, but I'm a little un ease with Who the fuck is behind it, where is the money coming from?

[–]TheCocaineFairy controlled opposition. As soon as I see a guy fawkes mask I know there is gunna be some CIA fuckery involved.

CIA Fuckery....lmao

I've got to agree. I'm not fan of wired, RT, Reddit, etc. Not helping himself with these examples...

Anonymous has been compromised + often controlled by the FBI over the years. Not a place I would trust

Maybe is better than face book in spite of any spooks there maybe watching. At least you have more control over your content.. Right?

Thanks for the Minds tip. Got an account now.

How would you rate "Reddit"?

ddon't ddood it ;)

Don''t do what? , reddit? which , Why?



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