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All 67 Florida County Sheriffs sign pledge to protect the right of citizens to bear arms

Constitutional Sheriffs sent an email stating, “I have added the names of the following 61 Florida County Sheriffs [who] joined the previous six Florida County Sheriffs to announce that they will not enforce laws that violate the Constitution or infringe on the rights of the people to own firearms.”

This means all of Florida’s county sheriffs have now signed the pledge, the first state to achieve 100% compliance with the 2nd Amendment. The list is bi-partisan.

The following Florida Sheriffs have taken a stand to defend the second amendment: Sheriff's names here

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Thanks for the great info on Florida's Sheriffs.  We all hope the rest of the States will follow suite.

Some news that made me smile and not cringe for once!! This is Great Tara!!

Thanks for the info!
I agree, if most or all states would follow suite, this would be so great!! I'm going to plaster this
everywhere I don't see it! The more people that see this the more people that know.. The more that
know, the better chances of it having effect in other states. 

Great post, this is a good thing 100% compliance with the 2nd amendment sounds good, I hope others follow there example ..
I kinda wish that the country would have gotten just as involved when OBam Bam signed the NDAA . . But some good news is better than no good news
@ Herta Weiss. . That is a terrifying picture and smells of something wrong for sure, to have all those battle ships in one place just seems unwise at best.. The question i asked myself a while back was " how can the government be so stupid?" The answer is there not!! These things are planned, this looks like a set up not a blunder to the inth degree.. could be a drill of some kind but visually looking at that picture one questions what is going on ?!



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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