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In response to your email James, I check out the site more frequently than I add posts. I enjoy the site.

I'm here.

I really don't have/ nor do I try to have problems / trouble with anybody here on 12160.

Now weather anybody has a problem with me (as I can be pretty outspoken at times) is another story.

If they do I haven't realized it.

I figure we are all in this together. If I don't agree with somebodies point of view I may comment pointing out somethings, but that's usually it.

I try not to "wig out / tweak" over nothing.

I've got way too much going on preparing for the inevitable (planned / constructed) failure of everything that we know. 

Chat is not my thing, Like I said I've got too much going on to stare at a screen when I could be reloading or at the range drilling and lowering the fustration factor.

Just an observation, This seems to be happening at alot of sites, and at some it's constant.

I chalk it up to the frustration factor as well as some trolls.


Stay safe.

Semper Peratus.

Acta Non Verba !

Thank you all for your comments and  emails !  I really appreciate your candor and honesty, for with out the feedback, I am left just wondering.

PS, I plan to address all your emails and comments here next week after an out of town trip.

Again, thank you all for the feedback!

I've got no problems with anybody here, I loves the site, my issue is not even related to 12160. I is just sooooo dang busy after opening my business, its been crazy and hard to tell the economy's tanked here currently, but then again I guess these Zombies, Ostriches, & Sheep HAVE to have their dis-info idiot boxes (TV's), Facebook machines (Computers) & Magic Sex boxes (DVD players) in continuous operation around here.  1 of my accounts is an RTO chain store and I have 6 of their stores in a 120 mile radius, so I'm on the road when not on my Bench. I try to get on here @ least once a week now...Please don't take 'er down James. Keep fighting the good fight!!!!


dear James   told you once .. that i feel  distance from whats  going on in states reality... since that  i m in Syria ,were you are.. is different reality   ,  that handicapped me from been areal active in your  lovely site i really liked your attention in united states  Greece  and Italy  and Spain  Libya equip d Palestine , and your try to be a world wide movement .. that's i really respect , wind of change had blown  all over ,(severely in my country) , i m not worried about the results.. because i   believe that almighty above had proof ed once again that human lows and greed, will make the human un human,   to all  man kind and will never  serve the message ,from sky soon,maybe  the wind will touch down all over, and i know that many Americans and outsiders,  relay on your  movements, i do think that you are a brave man you and miss nikki and all activists  here. ..people like you make since for the USA n anthem. what i like the most in your site that i found out that there is no absolute evil were you are USA ,with people like you thanks almighty.  , patient of the water drops is capable to get through hardest rocks.              notice i always thought that human brain  and civilizations upgrades will finish the  life on earth.. that we know,my biggest sorrows   that once i been born  in a city, and i watched TV and  i been educated,  and grownup with lots of needs day after day my nature kept on changing so  i became now maybe  modernized, but with less  nature. Ami right or wrong ?

12160 is a great site for help in getting perspectives on current events.

Personally,  I haven't the time to a sound the alarm anymore I've been at now for almost 14 years. There was a time when I understood, if people can not see what's happening, they  must be blind; but now if they can't feel the effects of what's happening, they're Zombies.

I believe that's it time to work more locally I.E. with the neighbors that are on the four sides of our homes or design a very good plan for survival and sustainability.

Killing Bin Laden was strike one for the TPTB - it was an overt act of contempt for the laws of warfare.

Killing Gadaffi is strike two, again another overt act of contempt for the laws of warfare.

No one can break the Law in order to enforce the Law

We have now but only two choices

1. Get rid of TPTB or,

2. Pay for their crimes.


The world is watching and when they see that we the people allow our elected officials to act in contempt for law and afflict others , they see we the people as threat and no better then the criminals.

Consequences are coming to American soil and it's time to accept that and prepare.

May God grant his mercy to those who choose Truth and Justice.

I am sorry to say that in all the time I've spent here, not one thing has been said concerning Canada. We have buried many of our Dead TROOPS from Iraq, Iran, and so on, in Canada. If anyone is "out of place" it's ME!!! However, I do like to keep up on United States News especially since 9/11. Many Canadians were down their to help the clean up and the salvage of buried people. Canadians sent down truck loads of bottled water for the workers - No charge. And we sent our Red Cross to prepare meals for the people working there (this is United States and Canada) also no charge. We helped in many other ways as well. When EX- President, George Bush, was in charge - Canada did not get a thank you from him at all!! Now why do you think that is?? That hurt us deeply, but we said nothing. As for 5Fires TPTB; whatever that means, Bin Laden had to go. He was laughing at all of us right at the beginning of the War over there. Gadaffi was killed by His Own People, not us!!!
Also, 5Fires states: "May God grant His mercy to those who chose (choose) Trust & Justice!"
If that doesn't beat all!!!
Now there you have it - a Threat against the U.S. and breaking the laws of warfare...

I've enjoyed being apart of 12160 for however long it has been in existance and a Name might help get newer members. No one seems to know what 12160 stands for.

Keep the Faith James!!!



Just wanted to post a quick reply to your feedback email. 


Some people (like myself) simply don't have the time or inclination to spend online in chat rooms and such. Your site's good and it's important that you continue to pass on the information. When i see something that grabs my attention, i pass it on to people i know who might be interested. If i meet someone who i think would like the site, i tell them about it.


i'm sure there are a lot of people like myself who will rarely if ever be "involved" in the site. Rest assured that the information is still being circulated via emails, other network sites such as FB and even the old school way of telephones.


Thanks again,



Alot of people,including myself love this site. I have been a member since'09 and I can't believe all this shit I am hearing! Especially the coments.I self taught myself the computer and this is the 2nd site I joined 1st being Ron Paul and Alex Jones. I love this site and tossed the fakebook.  Why close it down? You should go through all the members and (with help)decide individualy who is not participating , trolls ect. I never use chat because I don't know how and don't want to know. This is upsetting to me to say the least. Peace,Lisa K

Hi James, Hi to everybody at 1260.

Some feedback in reply to your email James, but first I do apologise for being AWOL for so long. It’s not a 1260 thing, I have totally withdrawn from all social networking and web based projects.

I’ve been dragged back to stupid reality again, happens sometimes, and it’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to be, I really can’t recommend it to anyone. I have been very busy with lots of study, which landed me a job (after not having one for many moons), and then my new job required a lot more study again. There has also been a bucket load of other stuff going on which really does keep distracting me from my distractions.

I am thankful to still receive emails from 1260 providing me with updates on what’s up and what’s going down in the world. I do click through on the email links for a quick look at posts, even though I am not visibly having an involvement with the site.

I have always found 1260 an inviting environment for making contributions, much more so than any other network or forum, and I would be lost without it if it were to disappear. Without 1260 to cross check the real story behind the headlines I see in MSM, sh*t I may just regress into a compliant citizen, so hang in there James and crew, you are important.

Fred, don't regress. Our nation has far-too-many compliant, obedient citizens, and it's killing us.

But I can relate to your problem. I also have a hard time keeping up with all the needful internet discussions.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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