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We're asking the People to step into our Morality and Higher Consciousness, together, in a Global Strike against multinational corporations who value profit over us, beginning Sept 15th, an established day of Peaceful resistance.

How can any one of us really have a full life knowing that our money is used to murder others and destroy the planet? How can we continue to ignore that we've been turned into debt slaves, and poverty is a lie made up by those who control the money supply? Especially when WE outnumber them greatly? How can WE continue to allow Ourselves to be poisoned and experimented on, while 911 moves into the 12th year of deception and our countries fall to banksters?

Is it not time to value Ourselves and OUR LIVES above paper and metal while demanding TRUTH?

Imagine what would happen if millions of PEOPLE, took this next week to prepare themselves with food, water, protection and survival gear, and then, Sat the 15th, began an open ended Strike for as long as it took to end these wars of control while empowering Ourselves?
Imagine quitting at the same time, and instead of marching or picketing,  staying in OUR Homes with OUR Families, and planning how to survive with our neighbors while focusing on starving the beast instead of Ourselves?
Imagine empty banks, where the People only entered to withdraw funds; imagine those playing the stock market selling out their shares and cashing out instead of riding the predetermined wave of insider trading and hoping to profit. Imagine empty airports, post offices, and People not showing up for work at  police stations, or the military because they'd stepped out of their uniforms and into their hearts; imagine no work at monsanto, halliburton, rayethon, general electric, etc. This also gives Mom & Pop and local stores a chance to thrive, for they are not the ones we are targeting.
Imagine millions of People Refusing to work until Peace was declared and All troops were sent home to help rebuild and hold those accountable who'd brought us here, at the same time receiving the care they so desperately need.
We could let go of useless paperwork jobs that are hated, and only return to those jobs that are needed.........healing, rebuilding, farming, etc. Imagine a true reboot of the system, wiping out fraudulent debt, and throwing out all the "legal economic paperwork" that keeps us hostage.
WE have a chance to save OUR Families from the racket that is war. Instead of continuing to talk and vote and wait until the powers that shouldn't be crash our economies on their terms, why not take matters into our own hands?
What will WE do to prevent war?

A true Strike could not only do that but also free us at the same time.  We can stop allowing the crucifixion of whistle blowers and hero's. We can support each other.

Our only true jobs are to be good stewards of our Mother Earth and Our Families. All else are lies made up to control us. "What if they gave a war and no one came?"
Let us co-create a Miracle of change.
When enough of US want healing more than war, WE can make it happen.
I am not a willing accomplice.
I pray that my Brothers and Sisters join me and understand that as long as these crimes are committed in our name and on our dime, that none of us truly can individually have a future without blood on our hands.
Is it not time to stop ignoring our responsibility?
United WE Strike, United WE WIN!

Check out United We Strike for more clarification, as well as educational videos. The UWS marathon is this Sat, Sept 14th.


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Thanks...Please post on all social networks........maybe we can create a Miracle!



It appears that the world is run by rabid war crazy monkeys, but it's not true. Even the monkeys wouldn't descent as low as our leaders. There is something hideous about them, spiritual decadence or something unfathomably evil. Stanley Monteith has captured a picture of it in his book; Brotherhood of Darkness




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