Panicked residents start to flee Tokyo as radiation levels rise after THIRD blast at stricken nuclear power plant

By Daily Mail Reporter

  • Radiation leaking directly into the air from stricken Fukushima nuclear plant
  • Power station has now suffered three reactor explosions and one fire
  • One reactor core 'exposed to the atmosphere' through crack in containment wall
  • Radiation levels up to ten times higher than normal in Tokyo
  • Mass exodus as  thousands residents flee towns close to reactor
  • Experts warn of cancer risk
  • Japan seeks help from U.S. to spray water on over-heating reactors from helicopters

Scores of terrified residents began to flee Tokyo today as a nuclear power plant destroyed by the tsunami threatened to send a cloud of radioactive dust across Japan.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi plant suffered a third reactor explosion last night, another reactor on the site caught fire  - and officials today announced the wall of one reactor was cracked.

Radiation levels have soared acoss the country as radioactive material spewed directly into the atmosphere while emergency crews fought to avoid a catastrophic meltdown.

Levels of radiation were ten times higher than normal in the capital today, as experts warned that people in Japan could face an increased cancer risk even if the crisis does not deteriorate.

No masking the fear: A masked boy walks past nearly empty shelves at a supermarket in the northwestern city of Akita as panic buying sweeps the country. Radiation levels are rising across Japan

No masking the fear: A boy walks past nearly empty shelves at a supermarket in the north-western city of Akita as panic buying sweeps the country. Radiation levels are rising across Japan

Panic buying: People shop for food from an almost empty shelf at a store in Tokyo

 People examine goods on an almost empty shelf at a store in Tokyo. Other residents are fleeing the capital, despite officials insisting that radiation levels are safe

A baby is tested for radiation in Nihonmatsu
One way traffic: cars stream away from the stricken reactor and rising radiation levels in Kitaibaraki, north of Tokyo,

One way traffic: A baby is scanned for radiation in Nihonmatsu as cars stream away from the stricken Fukushima reactor and rising radiation levels in Kitaibaraki, north of Tokyo,


Fight for control: A third explosion rocks the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant last night where engineers are struggling to avoid a nuclear catastrophe

Fight for control: A third explosion rocks the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant last night where engineers are struggling to avoid a nuclear catastrophe

Although experts said winds are currently blowing most harmful material out across the Pacific,thousands of residents are also fleeing towns nearer the reactor on the north east coast of Japan.

The situation is worse for 140,000 people who live within an 18-mile exclusion zone around the plant. They were today ordered to stay indoors or be exposed to a dangerous level of radiation. 

There is now a 30m no-fly zone around the reactor. The emergency has sparked a mass exodus as far away as Tokyo. Planes out of the Japanese capital were crammed.




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Lord, there are times I hate it when I am right. Unfortunately, this almost guarantees that the radiation amounts are high enough to carry on the Jet Stream and likely to irradiate the Allution Islands, Bering Straight, BC, and possibly all the way down to middle Southern California. This needs to be kept a close eye upon. If the other three reactors that are endangered melt down, then a very large portion of North America is in for a hot time in the Old Town tonight!

@ Freedomrox


What are you worried about?, Just use you power to fly and go and stay on Mars or Venus until the trouble dies down. That's what superman would be able to do, Is it not?


Now, all kiddng aside. This is just what the illuminati and the OWG-Elite have been waiting for, a disaster to kill off more people.


Their quest, their desire to get rid of 6.3 billion of us useless food eaters dosn't seem to be getting any support from the ones they want to trick or gode into war and start a WW3 for them,  and since we found out about the H1N1 hoax and nobody in there right mind will let their daughters and sons have anything to do with the Gardasol Vaccine to prevent 2 types of cancer, ha ha 2 types, and because of things out of their control like Wekileaks exposing their secrets, and people in spilling the beans on the evils of Monsato Inc. and... and..

We, as a nation called America are slowly begining to smarten up, in spite of them dumbing us down with the Flouride in the water, and the poisons in the MSG and the sweateners with aspertane, and the dirty tricks the Medical Indrustry are using to profit from our use of hundreds of drugs, proscribed by the Doctors who took and oath to "Do NO Harm"  but consider if it don't kill them now, today, its not going to do them in tomorrow either.


We are even begining to cotton onto their use of Hollywood and its Prodictive Programing with movies like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and dozens, even hundreds of other movies to cloud our minds and teach us and our children,  that the UN and the Government knows best for us and we'll have to surender our notions of freedom and trust them to save us from the ETs who did come to earth in 1946 to help us but were robbed off and used by the powers that be at that time to use their technoligy for it's secret stuff like building a Space Navy and keeping it a secret from us.


Oh, yes, maybe it would be ok if I did have a visit from the CIA killers and I was put out of my misery and I get out of this evil planet called Earth.

I could have saved them a lot of trouble because..

I nearly had a heart attack the other night when I heard George Noory musing to himself on the Coast To Coast AM show about ,,,, I don't even want to say it, ..but George said,  "Maybe it would be a good idea, a good thing, to have a One World Government and ...""


I really do feel very bad for all the Japanise people who, through not fault of their own, will have to suffer through what will surely be the worst desaster in they lives.


I am glad to be able to say what I think in the 'world of'  and not have to worry,,, yet... about a knock on my door and a visit by some men in black who have come to question and perhaps arrange my death before they leave.




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