The finding reported last week that bluefin tuna caught off southern California carried low levels of nuclear radiation from Japan was another signal the world's food chain could be compromised. It also showed how efficient natural systems are at distributing radioactivity from the Fukushima-Daiichi plant that blew up last year.

Bluefin tuna spawn only off the coasts of Japan and the Phillippines, and some migrate to the waters off southern California and Baja. The tuna caught off southern California, according to the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, contained elevated levels of cesium 134 -- a radioactive isotope otherwise absent in the Pacific Ocean and linked with nuclear production. The fish also contained elevated levels of cesium 137, already present in the eastern Pacific.

The findings were a surprise to the researchers. But they prompted no warnings that eating bluefin tuna would pose an increased cancer risk, because even the elevated radioactivity levels detected were well below thresholds considered safe. more from

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Haven't they already moved the "thresholds" up to cover their ass?

Can anyone recommend a site to go to that sells cheap geiger counters?

try FLEABAY? other wize just google it would be my guess.

Yes, this is such a B*tch! The tuna manufacturers don't even know where their tuna is caught, number one, and number two, have you seen the price of Australian "green" tuna on Ebay?
So, great, the last of my basic diet? Gone.
So I'm guessing, I guess Tuna Casserole wasn't served at the Bilderberg meeting, right?
This really can piss a person right off.

fyi: years ago when fishing off the coast of southern Fla. it was common to see the bonita glowing in the dark, now i ask anyone here. we didnt think of it much tne, but what could that have been back then? the glow would be around the mouth and throat. anyone? me not being so smart havent a clue as to it was, there must be someone out there that remembers this and knows what it was! [these were dead bonita's that we were using as bait for shark! we got em off the charter boats after they came in and was going to throw em away anyway, or the crabbers would come by and take em. they usta also give us cudas and amber jacks]



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