This was our first gig and our first attempt of vid taping one of our performances. The quality of the audio and visual isn't all the best but you'll get the picture, use your imagination, lol! A good time was had by all. I'll be uploading songs, pics and more vids as they happen in the future. The recording studio is calling our name. Hope you likey!

12160-Throwing Stones

Ballistic-Throwing Stones

Fools Paradise-Throwing Stones

Barrel of Monkeys-Throwing Stones

Paranoid-Throwing Stones

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Thanks Pat, your compliment is much appreciated! We have a lot of fine tuning to do but the bands getting tighter as each week passes. Hopefully we'll get into the studio soon! By the way, that's my hubby Joel on the guit fiddle, Aaron on bass and Matt on drums. They are a great group of guys/musicians that I've got a lot of chemistry with already. It's a beautiful thing!
Just awesome Tara, many thanks for posting this. Dont forget us here at 12160 when you become a super star :)
Thank you so much James and Greg, you're all too nice! I don't know about a greying superstar James, especially one that got winded after singing 8 songs, lol! I need to get my ass in shape and stop smoking. I was just a huffing and a puffing afterwards!

Thanks again everybody, much love to you all and no......I won't forget the lot of ya! As crazy as you all are I'm just as crazy if not more so! It's one big happy disfunctional family here, lol.....JK!!!!!!! or am I?????

Thanks Sweets! Is that a booty shaking kuala bear, lol! I love it!

Swtnlovabl said:

Sweet stuff , thanks for sharing and uploading this. :)
Thank you Kim! There's more to come! We're going to start recording some tracks soon, probably within the next month or two. Hopefully we'll have the CD in hand come this summer, early fall. We at least will have 12 songs on the CD if not more, exciting times ahead! WOOT, WOOT!

KLC said:
OMG woot woot...I know what I'm watching tonight!! THANKS TARA YOU ROCK~!
Tara, these are great! You have a lovely voice:) Be interested to hear more lol Awesome :) Watched a couple so far, great to find them!
rock on girlfriend!!!
Tara, I loved it! Thanks for sharing. All of you guys are very talented. Way cool...


Thanks for sharing the vids and the tunes. I hope your journey to the studio goes well and is big fun.

Me likey very much :-)

Just Awesome Tara, great songs !!!

Let us know when your CD's out.



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