...The same could be said of the narrative in the news media of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who received the least coverage of any candidate overall (although from July on, Newt Gingrich received less coverage than Paul did). The difference with Paul is that he has received, by far, the most favorable coverage of any candidate in the blogosphere—48% positive and only 15% negative...

...While almost all of the Republican candidates fared worse in blogs than they did in the coverage and commentary in news outlets, there were three exceptions. The conversation about Mitt Romney and Herman Cain in the blogosphere was similar in tone to their news coverage. And Ron Paul did markedly better in the blogosphere than in the press...

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But the MSM still blathers {DIS}information...


{  I just felt an earthquake !  It was centered in Berkeley Ca occurring at 2.41 pm 4.2 magnitude. About 30 miles from me}.

  Herman (federal reserve) Cain stated last night on Pierce Morgan (I can't stand this guy) that he admired Gingrich and Romney. But he thought the least of Ron Paul....

Could it be that Herman Cain has some animosity toward Dr. Ron Paul due to his stance on the (non) federal reserve banksters.

In my eyes he's just perpetuating the MSM's  fear chant saying he can't win. They really mean it from a fearful point of view. Fearing what he will do when elected. What we all know this things need to be done.


Ron Paul is the LAST HONEST hope for this country.

When ALL the others are merely "globalist posers".

The "status quo" is fearful of the support that he has.





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