“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither.” – Benjamin Franklin

They’re coming for it and show no signs of letting up. Once they get their foot in the door and before you know it, you’ll be worried and thinking twice about what you’re posting on your blog or Facebook or Twitter account. And if it appears on the Internet, the government will somehow try to tax it.

Readers, if you haven’t been, you’d better get interested in this now, because we are moving closer to pivoting off the relative freedom of speech of Internet into absolute government control. And if you let the Washington ruling elite control it, who knows what the result will be? One thing for sure, it “will be for our own good,” but it won’t be good for us

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That is so true, you can be kicked off sites all over the place for what you say.We're doing it to ourselves already.It is a good question where will all of this lead us.Not I pray where we can be the prey!

Well; I hope we all stay defiant. Anybody involved in the movement is subject to surveillance as it is. I don't pose a question of where all of this will lead, but what will people do when it occurs? We will become obsequious shills, and capitulate to the domineering power structure or will we fight it with vigor and vigilance? Only time will tell. The moxie of a people will come into question when s*** hits the fan, so to speak.

The PTB know that the biggest threat to them in history has come from the free flow of uncensored information via the internet.

...and now because of their threats, we have begun to police ourselves.

Those that write laws, never abide by them, themselves...especially when the PTB have so much to gain.

The PTB will not stop, they will give no quarter and the more the public conforms, the more the PTB will tighten their controls.

Internet use and online expression will become a privilege...not a right.

Subject to rules and regulations, and once this is deemed the norm, the same rules will be applied to free speech in general.

We're doing more than making a rod for our own backs...we're helping to build the scaffold.

Well, I for one, plan to not acquiesce.  If we are building the scaffold and being put into a guillotine is inevitable, then let the slaughter begin. The worst thing to do is to accede to these nihilistic, demonic, globalists. As our situation becomes more catastrophic, the people need to be more solution oriented. We need invigorating and transcendent figure heads to create seminal ideas.  Lynch me, flog me, put shackles on me; I will always find a way to break free. A few of the PTB's self-serving edicts will never stop me from living my life!



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