Why must “We the People” keep putting our faith in a system that is ultimately set up for a big FAIL to begin with? Both parties are owned and operated by corporate and banking puppeteers behind the curtain. Why does anyone think by electing either puppet it will change a thing?

The Government's propaganda arm, the MSM feeds us with a steady diet of the left/right bread and circus show. Step right up folks; we have weenie number 1 and weenie number 2… now let’s play who’s got the biggest weenie contest, shall we? It’s more of the same no matter who you choose because at the end of the day, they are both WEENIES.

The two party system does nothing but further the divide and gives us the illusion that our vote counts. With all the chicanery and vote fraud going on in past and present presidential elections, it’s no wonder why there are many of us sick and tired of playing the game. Nothing changes but the faces in the game. That is about it.

Also, do you think by voting for a third party candidate is going to matter either? I understand voting ones conscience, but is it going to do any good or change the course of the outcome? Third party candidates don’t even get the right to sit at the same dinner table come election time. They are kept in the dark, not allowed to be in the debates and most often are not even on ballots from State to State. It is all done by design because if the American public actually had more viable choices in elections, they would not have to pick the lesser of two evils, now would they?

Besides, by now we should know that the election process is fixed. Look at what they did to Ron Paul in both the 2008 and 2012 republican nominee race. If the establishment wasn’t marginalizing him, ridiculing him or slandering him, they were blatantly stealing the votes right out of the hands of those voting for him. So, all those votes for Ron Paul were thrown to the wind, literally. So keep on voting. Our votes are counted... sure they are.

So this year I’ve chosen not to play the game anymore because the only winners are the ones who stand to profit from rigging the game to their advantage. The NWO has already taken over and I do not want to feed into the political machine they have created. Instead, I will vote No Confidence this year and hope that more Americans will join the cause. Can you imagine come election time, nobody showing up to vote? What would they do? Vote for themselves?  Of course, I may be dreaming but the last I heard, dreaming is still free.

“We the People” have become like a populace of worker bees beholden to their queen. We need to jump out of the colony mentality and become beholden unto ourselves. We are the driving fuel that keeps the political machine running so quit feeding the machine. The machine will break down without us. If and when that does happen, we can pick up the pieces and start anew. We are the change we seek.

Vote No Confidence in 2012...


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forgot about the 2000 & 2004 smoke & mirrors shows also 

Great Post!!!!, thanx

Who is supporting Bush or Obama on this site?! And why are those reasons to stop voting?

Wow, lot's of activity while I was out. Thanks for all the great comments all and keeping this much needed discussion alive. It may however take me awhile to read the whole thread though and comment back, ya think? ;)

We all have choices to make come election time and I have made my choice to vote no confidence. It is out of mere frustration and a realization that nothing ever changes by voting that led me to this decision.

Even if you are planning on voting for a third party candidate, like Gary Johnson... I have come to the conclusion that even though we may all disagree with voting vs not voting, ultimately we are all on the same page at the end of the day. We all want our peace, prosperity and freedom back and will travel down our own roads to achieve the same means. So.. it's all good.

But nothing wrong with a friendly argument though ;)

Thanks everyone again !

No one said to "keep putting our faith in a system... "

My suggestion is to start taking back control over those who are doing illegal things within the three branches of our government. List in order of importance:

REQUIRE that all of OUR elections go LOW-TECH. Print up the forms in a size most people can read with a large box to be marked in ink at each selection. The costs will be less then the machines and the software. Vote in private, COUNT in public at each voting precinct, all the way up the ladder - every where a vote is to be counted American citizens need to be there to watch the count. Videos also of all sides showing the counting also. No one who has worked in the voting precincts for over 1 year can be allowed to do it this year as many (not all) are corrupt. Etc.

Start calling for the arrests of all (from your state) representatives sent to congress and the senate who supported the Patriot Act (if still in office), supported the extension and additions to the Patriot Act, voted for the NDAA, and are not out ACTIVELY fighting warrantless tracking/spying/searches/etc, fighting against the militarizing of the police, etc to be arrested for breaking their solemn and legally binding oath, corruption, dereliction of constitutional duty, and violation of limitations on the power of an office; Conduct seriously incompatible with either the constitutional form and principles of our government or the proper performance of constitutional duties of the office they are currently occupying.  Call for all state governors and legislators to uphold and follow both the US Constitution and the <state you live in> Constitution as they take those Oaths and are required to do. That if they did not keep the Oath as REQUIRED they no longer meet the REQUIREMENTS of the office they occupy and can be replaced immediately; and charged with any crimes they may have committed, etc.

Dump the Federal Reserve as it is an illegal and corrupt entity, along with many of those who are supposed to be our representatives who have supported that corruption.

Any corporation that has received corporate welfare and is not a COMPLETE US Business/corporation MUST pay it back or we kick them out of the nation now and keep all supplies, the buildings, etc to instate new companies in, they (non USA based) have committed treason in this nation. That includes oil companies - they get NO US produced oil, nor do they get to sell here.

Any agreements any nation, foreign entity, etc made while Obama was 'in office' are null and void. Sorry.

Thursday, June 12, 2008




"Kenyan-born Obama makes history..."

Obama turns the page of America's history with 2008 nomination


Special to USAfrica The Newspaper, Houston, USAfricaonline.com and CLASS magazine and The Black Business Journal

Today, the historic dateline of Tuesday June 3, 2008 has become etched in the collective history of mankind as a worthy milestone. "Tonight, we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another-- a journey that will bring a new and better day to America. Because of you, tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States." With those soaring words, the history of this day continues to resonate all over the world as Senator Barack Obama, the savvy, hardworking son of a Kenyan immigrant and White mother, shattered the iron-gates of what seemed culturally and politically impossible....

Chido Nwangwu is Founder and Publisher of Houston-based USAfrica, USAfricaonline.com (assessed by The New York Times as the most influential African-owned, U.S-based multimedia networks), CLASSmagazine, PhotoWorks.TV, and several blogs

Honolulu Advisor

Posted on: Sunday, January 8, 2006

Duckworth working to win

By Will Hoover
Advertiser Staff Writer

"Very rarely have I met a more impressive person than Tammy Duckworth," said Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in an article the day before she announced her candidacy Dec. 18. "She just has the poise and exudes the type of character that I think would make her an astounding public servant."

Duckworth is happy to point out that she and Hawai'i-raised Punahou graduate Obama have "a kama'aina connection."

Both were born outside the country — Obama in Indonesia, Duckworth in Thailand — and graduated from high school in Honolulu — Punahou and McKinley, respectively.

"The big thing for me is that I'm a McKinley High grad," said Duckworth. "That gives you a lot of street creds. I wasn't a rich kid."

Sunday Standard

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative.

Ryan’s campaign began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans.

But none of that matters, because the requirement for US president is higher then the requirement for the senate or congress - a natural born citizen is the requirement for the presidency. It is not a requirement for the legislative branch.

He has NEVER been the legal president in the USA, and the DNC knew it.

Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) document did NOT include language stating Obama was Qualified while the Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document DID. This shows a direct difference establishing that the DNC or someone high in the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified and changed the form in case it was caught.

Then there is the treason he committed when Obama (and his administration) said (many times), plus wrote that he did NOT represent America, or get his authority from the US Constitution (our legitimate government). Obama said his authority and power comes from the UN and NATO, which is NOT legal here in the USA.

I didn't just write this for those in the know T Stirhen. I also wrote this for those that are still helplessly stuck in the left/right paradigm. The last time I checked, most Americans are still salivating over choosing between the republitard or demoho. It's too bad that most can't see that really, they are voting for Obamney... more of the same.

There are people on this site that are going to vote for Obama or Romney?! Screw Obama's birth and screw Romney's taxes... you just need to listen to them talk to know they are crap. Enemies of Liberty and war mongers.... after that their place of birth or money means jack shit to me.

And I still have yet to see a reason sitting at home not voting is a better plan than voting for Liberty. I'll keep voting and encouraging others to vote for Liberty until the nation heals itself, and I'll keep pointing at people with this mindset of not voting and calling ya quiters.

Most people on this site are not going to vote for Romney or Obama Michael.

And I'll keep on pointing out that you shouldn't cast your vote to the wind because the political machine will still run right over ya.  It's us against the machine my friend. There already is a winner in the game... and it surely isn't the American public. It's.... Obamney!!!

I don't want to disparage anyone from voting but what I will say is... vote with your pocket books because that is where you can really effect change :) Take down those that fund the prez???... that's where the bread and butter lie.

I'm writing in Tara for president.

I hope you are being facetious! But if not... so be it! Thanks for the offer, lol.

That's all I'm writing on the write in ballot, Tara. No last name. Just, Tara :)

If you vote dude the super secret no vote plan codename "dumb idea" will fail , all we need is a few more people not to vote and the system will crumble!! LOL


"Destroying the New World Order"


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