If you tell me to vote once again, I might go ape shit on ya, just kidding... but maybe I'm not ;)

Before I go into a long diatribe about why not to vote in the next election pageant, I would like to really make myself clear; do what your conscience tells you firstly. Me, myself and I will choose to vote or to not vote in the grand poo ba event of picking the lesser puppet.

Here's what it's really about... "Let's make a deal, you can either pick door number 1 or door number 2." In door number 1 is a fantastic trip to HELL with Obamadonna greeting you with Yes I can... but for what he does not know yet nor does those that voted for him either, and who really is his father?????... door number 2 is a fabulous trip to an Ice Kingdom and there is Romn-ALIEN chanting...Believe in America. He is quick to tell you if you believe in America, you must send in 250.00 dollars to believe. He will send you a bookmark and signature for your troubles.

Of course I am being facetious but how do you like those selections? Isn't life grand?


Stop Telling Me to Vote! An Argument Against Endorsing the Political System

Benjamin Zeman

Every election cycle I have to deal with so many people asking me if I voted and then being shocked, angry or disappointed with me when I say that I don't vote. Maybe I should just say I voted for the Tea Party, is that better? At least I voted right? I have no problem with you voting if that is what you really want to do but I have my reasons for not endorsing this political circus with my vote. I have a right to decline participation in a political system that I believe is corrupted by money, that forces cultural programming and propaganda on us everyday, that is assisting corporate interests in the looting of our wealth and resources, that supports constant wars and military occupation all over the world, that is gradually dumbing down America and has a strong hand in shaping the New World Order.

Voting in America is about giving in to one of two manufactured options. Both options have continually failed us, over and over again, yet we continue to support a political system that cleverly feeds on one of our last bits of freedom; the right to resist the mechanisms of powers that be. Voting is not the last right we have left, so stop telling me it is. We have the right to cognitive liberty, to think for ourselves and act according to those ideas and principles. Every election cycle the machine chews us up, gets us all riled and agitated and then spits us out, excited for a fight and the promise of change that will never come. We are led to believe that our vote gives us a seat behind the steering wheel, but it doesn't. We aren't fighting the machine by voting, we are becoming it.

Our politicians are illusionists, highly skilled at distorting the field of reality. They playfully distract Americans from whats going on behind the scenes, funded by their corporate sponsors. You are constantly being asked to vote against the other party and not for what you believe would be better for our country. You may ask yourself, "what happened to the man I voted for?" or excuse his failures by blaming the opposition of his political rivals but don't give in to the illusion. Do you really think that not voting is what the other political party wants you to do? Are you that afraid that you would vote against your best interests just because you think the other party is more dangerous? Make no mistake, Democrat or Republican, the machine is tethered to corporate interests, big business and the banking elite. There is no great champion of the people, there is no catalyst for change in the two-party system, there is only the illusion that your vote makes a difference and that your candidate will make things better. The masters of political manipulation, the alchemists of internet and television propaganda; they know how to transform opinion and bypass reason, so that they can grab hold of our emotional cords and pull us into their illusion.

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You know what I'm getting really sick and tired of, people thinking that if you choose not to vote you're being lazy, apathetic, part of the problem or whining too much. I'm sorry, I don't put any faith in the voting system as it stands right now, especially on the federal level. The vote is rigged and the Prez has already been picked. No matter how much we protest, get involved in a RP campaign or vote for third party candidates, the outcome has continuously been the same. Nothing ever changes but the faces in the game. 

Putting faith into a broken, corrupt to the core system is like putting faith into what a snake oil salesman is selling. The salesman is charming, says all the right things and can hook, line and sink ya with the belief that there is a cure in a little bottle of healing potion. All your ails and troubles will be cured if you believe. Unfortunately for the buyer, it is full of poison and will eventually kill him.

I think it's time to post up a link to some lyrics I posted some time back. I think it is relative to this post. My belief is that we are Institutionalized at a young age in more ways than one, politics being one of greatest Institutions next to Religion. The worst kind of imprisonment is not behind physical bars, it is the invisible bars that we place within our hearts and minds.

You rock, Tara. I know you're not lazy or apathetic and I'm not either. For me voting would be like working for a snake oil salesman (or whatever kind of crook), I just couldn't live with myself for doing it.  When you vote you're supporting crooks and helping to make them appear legitimate.

Put up the song not the lyrics. You know it's my favorite :)

Peace and love Tara. You know i'm your biggest fan. Many cyber hugs just for you!

I hear you and I know the system is stinken' rotten. Here's a thought though, in my area of the state, we had no reports of voting fraud. Ya know why? Because we mobilized and made sure there was none. We were all well trained in detecting fraudulent activity, and we did our jobs.

Now imagine if GOOD PEOPLE everywhere did that. Evil may be powerful but they are the minority...

"All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men (and women) to do nothing."

For all of you who say voting is useless and agree tyranny is unacceptable. You have really backed yourself logically into a corner where the only way you've given your self to live free is to submit to the tyranny and wait for the other side to start the war. Sure you are waking people up still but your really admitting that real revolution is the only way to actually change the system. I have to ask, have you bought yourself a good rifle, web gear to store mags in and combat boots? If not and I'm sure it's NOT for the majority of you. You've guaranteed war with this attitude, a war I'm not so sure many of you will actively fight in but will place that burden on others. Don't get me wrong I expect the other side to make this a physical fight but until then we need to be in the fight at every level.

@Nikki "anyone who gets in their way will be financially ruined, put in prison or killed." my response is war sucks! I expect the enemy to engage me when I'm doing damage to them if they didn't they would not be my enemy. Look up what happened to the men who founded this nation, who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The price for freedom is high but it's worth it and if I die in this fight fighting for freedom, living a purpose driven meaningful life I will die fulfilled and happy.

Here is the breakdown of Gary Johnson's political fancy


I'm a volunteerist so no government is fine with me but until then I will have to settle with libertarianism.

I get your position I hear you but the system isn't hurt by not voting, they don't mind low turn outs it doesn't bother them a bit. Your not legitimizing them by voting ether as long as your voting for freedom candidates. AND I KNOW they commit fraud massively, they do what ever they want. I know, the thing is by fighting and MAKING them commit fraud we wake people up we show the systems evil. By pressuring them we cause them to make mistakes and spend resources against us like with Ron Paul. If you don't want to vote thats fine just don't make it a crusade to convince others not to it hurts us as a movement.

Gary who?

Just kidding but he's not even on the radar and there's only a few months left. The voters have already made up their minds anyway.

@Laser, this happened to a member of my family. He knew exactly what was happening with the local elections in his town. The feds never let up on him and the others who tried to stop what was going on.  It ruined their lives and their careers. It could have been worse if he didn't have a good lawyer that his mother paid for. Back in those days it was still worth fighting for and I'm proud of what he did.  But today it's a different story and it's not worth fighting for IMO. You're really going to sacrifice yourself for a bunch of sheeple who don't appreciate it and think you're nuts?  Best of luck with that my friend, you'll need it.

Thanks Nikki, Troy, Krypke, Laser, Chip, ect... for all your great comments! It is obvious that we are all passionate about what we believe on both sides of the voting issue. And what a great dialogue we are having. I think that this is a beautiful thing. We may not agree on voting but we all can agree that the system is foul and rotten to the core. Not all is lost. We can still work on solutions together. My choice is to declare a vote of Non Confidence because I do not support the present system as it stands. As Troy stated, "STEP OUT OF THEIR BOX! The game is rigged, play a new game not theirs." It's all up to us. We are the change we seek. And no matter what you choose, the choice is yours. That is freedom baby, WOOT!

After reading several pages of comments I think it worth noting that all here are contributing to the same goal. Everyone's expressed intentions about voting are conscience based, principled decisions and I believe everyone posting is a most worthy adversary to the tyranny we seek to rid ourselves of. I consider you all allies.
My personal view is even if we had the most fraud-free vote in history that's all that would be accomplished; a near fraud-free vote.
The main problem I see is a corrupt form of govt and no matter how honest and principled an individual is that we may elect, and no matter how many individuals turn out in a near fraud-free national election, is going to substantially change it. Top down change is impossible, imo.
Other than Art.1, Sec.10 ( and a few of the later Amendments) the Constitution is a check on federal powers. What motivation would the federal govt have to relinquish powers they have usurped?
Beyond that, and maybe this is actually the main problem, is uninformed voters; uninformed about how U.S. constitutional govt is supposed to work, uninformed of their rights, uninformed of their responsibilities, unwilling to hold accountable those in office who violate the trust given them, I could go on and on ...
In the off-chance that constitutional govt may be restored, all my efforts go into local and State affairs. Helping to elect candidates with a sound knowledge of the Constitution, firm believers in States Rights, those who wish to repeal 17A, 16A and 14A. I stated 'off-chance' because I think it's a long shot...but...it also serves my main purpose; getting to know a group of individuals in my area who I can rely on after the system crashes. A group that in the most important aspects (limited govt, separation of powers, Sovereign Citizen Rights, Rule of Law) I agree with. In some respects, building a Live Free community despite the tyranny. I'm not waiting around for some elected individual to do the right thing or fight my battles for me.
For the first time in my voting life I may not vote in the upcoming reindeer games; haven't thought much about it. In fact, other than an occasional headline or two I haven't followed this latest election at all. It has been yrs since I put forth any more effort in a national election than to vote.
Feeling the way I do I'd be a hypocrite if I did.

The only chance to (peacefully) strip federal govt of the powers it has usurped is to give the States back their voice in Congress (repeal 17A) imho. Elect enough constitutional minded individualists in enough states and give the States back their voice in Congress and you could quickly see some dramatic changes happen.
Like I say it's a long shot.

"Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory." Sun Tzu

well said Nathan

I agree, this should be done and to an extent it is being done, but it's to late to go this slow route, they are fixing to crash our economy and round us up for the detention camps, were out of time, But if a on line site that had thousands of members, would just ask it's members to kick in 5 bucks a month, they could hire a couple good constitutional lawyers that would start holding them accountable, use the system file lawsuits and challenge all the BS thats taking place, sue the living shit out of every rep that has or will dare to put forth an unconstitutional bill, drum them out of the system, were toast if if don't take action, talk is cheep and it's not effective.

if we hold there feet to the fire we might stand a chance of taking back our country, but as it is going now were in for some very bad times.

The Constitution in a court of *cough* Law *ahem* is a theatrical prop.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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