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Thank you Ria!  Great post.

You're welcome, my dear! :)

Ya know, to those of us that are believers this is scary, but to those that dont it must be terrifying.  Sharing

Oh yes, scary it is and I don't even want to imagine what it may be like when man's time is up!

Great post Ria... reminded me of the earth swallowing mulititudes after they danced before the Idol as they were murmuring and disgusted at waiting for Moses. Its that way nowdays... instant gratification. No one knows how to "wait" anymore. So anxious and mixed up, it's pitiful.   The signs of the times can be read be the Awoken who Believe and know that our battle is NOT only physical, but spiritual. TY RIA!

Thank you, Patriot Horse. 

How unfortunate it is that, even though, mankind has known the end result of everything since 1000s and 1000s of years yet, as a whole, we continue to do just that which will bring us to a day when all will be out of our hands and, perhaps, there wont even be a chance to regret and apologize anymore. It is sad, scary and very very upsetting.

Amen and right on, PH!
I just re-read your comment again.
You always speak nuthin but the truth. <3



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