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Michael Rivero will be the on-air guest of John B. Wells on Coast To Coast AM this Saturday night starting at 10PM Pacific Time!


Mike Rivero Karen Tostado - Time is Now

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How to Kill Yourself and Save Money!

President Pussy won't do it

History is about to repeat itself

USS Enterprise False Flag!!

Virtual 911

Monetary Basics (Michael Rivero)

The Adam Pearlman and Joseph Cohen fake Al Qaeda hoax

Mike Rivero interviews Hank H.P. Albarelli Mar 24 2010

NOsama 2011-05-09 - Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero Government Lies Presentation 9/11/11

Nightmare Scenario- Michael Rivero

What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 3rd Apr 2012

Mike Rivero Banned on Infowars Radio show...

The 11th Marble (Michael Rivero)

WND Discovers Rivero's " Obama's LOVE CHILD THEORY"

Mike Rivero on the 911 /NWO

Ron, Rand & COLLAPSE Before the Election: Mike Rivero

Mike Rivero on The Alex Jones Show-  July 6 2010

Ron Paul POSTER by Mike Rivero

My Recent Call-in to the Michael Rivero Show - Added by Marklar


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If Michael Revero was/were to interview John B Wells or George Noory from CTC or the Health Ranger or Jessie Venture or Alex Jones from Info-Wars or Gary Bell (The Spaceman) from "A View from Space" or any others of the soldiers in the battle with the ' New World Order ' maniacs,, I would predict that there just might just be a new man in/at the Whitehouse in the coming months. As John Luke Precard used to say on Startrek. "Make it so".

Well we still can hope for a better resolve so we don't all have to die for the whims and madness of the Obama. and... them.......

And remember he is not alone, he is just the big mouthpiece for the rest of the MAD PEOPLE OF EARTH.

Oh God, please help us. WHILE YOU STILL CAN..........

  Rivero for Secretary of Education.

Jim Traficant on WHAT REALLY HAPPENED Radio
w/ Mike Rivero - RBN

Mike Rivero of joins Truth Jihad Radio for a special “Fifth of November” show!



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