Chinese Nuclear Accident Alleged

Ming-class submarines.

Ming-class submarines.




A nuclear submarine in the port of Dalian in northern China has suffered an accident and is leaking radiation, according to a former Japanese fighter pilot-turned-blogger.


“The area is strictly closed off by the Chinese military, and the situation is said to be very dangerous,” Mamoru Sato wrote in Japanese of the alleged July 29 incident.


As with all news stories about Chinese military developments, Sato’s account should be read with a healthy dose of skepticism. As of July 31, no major media had reported on the alleged accident. The only corroboration came from Twitter user “28481k(Alan Lai),” who wrote, “Bohai is closed after a suspected nuclear leak occurred on new nuclear submarine building in Dalian.”


Bohai is one of the shipyard complexes in the vicinity of Dalian.


If true, Sato’s report could spell big trouble for the Chinese navy. The People’s Liberation Army Navy’s first aircraft carrier, the former Soviet Varyag, is fitting out in Dalian ahead of her first cruise, possibly scheduled for sometime this year. Just last week, the PLAN officially discussed the carrier for the first time.


China’s submarine fleet, numbering around 50 diesel-electric boats and another 10 or so nuclear vessels, is on average old and out-moded, despite a surge in production in the last decade.


The nuclear designs are reportedly highly unreliable. The PLAN’s only confirmed nuclear ballistic missile submarine, the 33-year-old Type 092, has apparently never sailed on a deterrence cruise. A follow-on Type 094 class is under construction.


Two of the new Type 094s have reportedly already moved to Xiaopingdao submarine base near Dalian, where China apparently stores its naval nuclear ballistic missiles. It’s not clear if the vessel allegedly leaking radiation is a Type 094, or if Xiaopingdao is the precise accident site.


China is no stranger to submarine accidents. An accident aboard a Ming-class diesel submarine in 2003 killed all 70 crew. The Type 092 reportedly suffered an explosion during construction.


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Comment by LYNN SHEDLER on August 2, 2011 at 4:38am

This  is  getting  way  out  of  hand!!  Nuclear  Reactors,  nuclear  weapons;  what  next?  None  of  us  is  safe  anymore.  The  accidents  are  caused  by  carelessness,  lack  of  experience,  and / or  stupidity.  These  day  to  day  scares  are  'wearing  very  thin'  on  the  public.  Somebody - please  hand  us  matches  or  lighters  and  we'll  all  go  for  a  'trip'. 

Comment by storekeeper on July 31, 2011 at 8:57pm
I believe, I finally can get upon my training wheels too get this message across. Please be patient with me
About any issues, it starts with one. No problem. (Sorry about the generic message). Busy preparing for war. Yet here in Kaneohe, Oahu. I stand alone. Hook me up and we all will win.
All you have to do is give my contact email or site to AlexJones, Jessie Ventura, Willie Nelson, Aimee Allen, or Charlie Sheen.

(Keep in mind we are now very closely monitored. However unlike them, Truth needs no stinkin darkness to hide under).

1) The Title of the Plan: The Obamanation, say goodbye, Dude".
2) The process: Exposure to wrong doing.
3) Process: The Masses.
4) Crew: 4 cameras/ One or more, or all Celeb/ Location/ Principal/ All Peaceful warriors/ And one solider on the front line. (Think photo of asian in front of tank. We have same senerio, at our disposal).
His safety will be in the spirit that cannot be taken, The passion that can't be bought, the Right to stand alone. And if one can't stand for principal then one can't stand. Storekeeper
5) Timeline: Approximately 1 to 4 hours.
6) Cost for war budget: Already paid for by 911 victims world wide.

Your part if you wish to full fill your passion. Give my prints to one of those celebs. The rest will fall into place. Jessie keeps saying what happened to his generation. We were just waiting for the right time. Plus we don't know how to get in touch with you all.
We also had too live the history to see the truth. They had us all fooled to some degree. Mother @#$!ers.
This VICTORY is dedicated to the 25 friends I lost before I was 23, in the 60's Bay Area.
Who is your fight for?

New Order's problem was I read one book in my life. The others were westerns. Louis Amour. But the one book I read was 1984. However, I read it in 1966. And now it is here and proven.
The war has never ended. Freedom has only been a mirage. Mahalo, PeaceInn. Storekeeper


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