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EATING THEIR OWN: University administrator slams LGBTQ center for being “too white”

EATING THEIR OWN: University administrator slams LGBTQ center for being “too white”

Wednesday, December 06, 2017 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: Alt-Left, anti-white, campus insanity, discrimination, gay mafia, intolerance, jonathan pryor, LGBT, lgbtqia, Libtards, racist, reality rewritten, Safe Spaces, snowflake triggers, UMC, umkc, university of missouri kansas city
Image: EATING THEIR OWN: University administrator slams LGBTQ center for being “too white”

(Natural News) The Assistant Director of “LGBTQIA Programs & Services” at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC), Jonathan T. Pryor, has published a personal manifesto outlining all of the ways that humans who refuse to accept their natural biological dispositions are still being “triggered” by the everyday world around them. Two of these triggers apparently include the LGBTQIA Center at UMKC, as well as the “rainbow flag,” a common symbol of LGBTQ-etcetera – both of which Pryor claims are offensive because they’re too “white.”

Pryor, whose skin color is ironically about as pasty white as it gets, explains in his paper how the LGBTQIA building where he works on campus is in close proximity to other buildings and spaces that apparently make his cohort of gender non-conforming snowflakes feel “uncomfortable.” One such space is the student center where Greek Life flags are displayed, as well as all of the Greek houses located just outside of campus – two symbols of “straightness” and “whiteness” that Pryor feels violate his LGBTQIA safe space.

Non-straight students of all rainbow stripes at UMKC claim to be suffering great hardship merely at the sight of what they claim are symbols of “homonormative whiteness,” Pryor laments. In his view, anything that’s not LGBTQIA represents the “upholding (of) power for White, Christian, able-bodied, and middle-class people.” In fact, the mere existence of non-LGBTQIA anything is more than Pryor and his fellow brain-addled bigots can bear, which is why this collective of crazies is basically now calling for their removal in order to pacify their need to exist in an even more insulated bubble of non-reality.

“By featuring these organizations in such a visible way, the campus is communicating the importance of fraternity and sorority membership,” Pryor whined to Campus Reform,



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