High Speed Frequency Trading Terminator Bots: The NYSE Goes Digital

High Speed Frequency Trading Terminator Bots: The NYSE Goes Digital

2013 March 9
by sv

“If it weren’t for the people, the god-damn people’ said Finnerty, ‘always getting tangled up in the machinery. If it weren’t for them, the world would be an engineer’s paradise.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano

“Those who live by electronics, die by electronics. Sic semper tyrannis.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano

For history, man has directed his own fate, even if the individual did not do so for himself.  In “The Growth Of Civilizations,” Rhodes Tutor and Professor Arnold ToynBee writes of how things came to be how they are:

These individuals who set going the process of growth in the societies to which they ‘belong’ are more than mere men. They can work what to men seem miracles because they themselves are superhuman in a literal and no mere metaphorical sense…[these men wish]….to convert a species, which is essentially a created thing, into a creative effort, to a make movement out of something which, by definition, is a hault.

Lord Blankfein of Goldman Sachs wasn’t kidding when he said that his bank was “Doing God’s Work.” Transhumanism is one central tenet of these supermen’s agenda, and it is not merely for music videos and cinema. No, it is for eCONomy itself; that is, for all things societal and cultural.

While images of Terminator Armies have been better commercial packages for thirsty movie-goers, the same logic is to be implied to the whole of society. The entire market is now run by computer algorithms. In the current in-between phase, human traders are outpaced by the HSFT bots, basically keeping more individuals off the government dole. But, in the future, the trading floor will sit still with little more than the humming of computers; that is, provided the trading floor’s mere existence does not cut too deeply into the bottom line of the market.

The New York Stock Exchange has announced that it is working on plans so that the exchange can operate without humans!

more http://silvervigilante.com/high-speed-frequency-trading-terminator-bots-the-nyse-goes-digital/


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